Outdoor Luxury Travel Trends

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With new gadgets coming to fruition and unexplored lands entering the mainstream every day, travel trends are always changing. Start with these outdoor luxury travel trends to keep you up to date with what’s in and what’s not.

Chilkoot Trail: Dyea, Alaska & Bennett, British Columbia

The Chillkoot Trail is an amazing 33-mile hike located in Southeast Alaska, taking you through Northwest British Columbia. Historically, the trail played a significant role in the 1890s for ambitious miners heading to the Klondike Gold Rush. The harsh winters proved inhabitable for the settlers, but today, the beautiful mixture of Alaskan and Canadian landscape leaves a breathtaking adventure for hikers. Along the trail, you’ll experience the coastal rainforest zone, filled with a variety of wildlife and full access to mountainsides, hills, rivers and streams. Hikers will overcome the “Golden Stairs,” climbing into the alpine zone. To maintain the serenity of the ecosystem, only 50 hikers are allowed to pass through the park per day, so plan ahead and be wary of bears.

Grilling in Great Outdoors

If you dream about grilling bacon for a hearty breakfast or a juicy steak for dinner outside in the great outdoors, a blind stove is a must for your next camping trip. With Cabela’s wide variety you’re bound to find the perfect sized grill for your needs, including folding and portable grills that will fit into large packs for luxurious cooking while backpacking or hiking.

Bay of Fires: Tasmania, Australia

Referred to by many as the “hidden gem” of Australia, the Bay of Fires can only be accessed with a guide. Originally home to numerous aboriginal tribes, hikers have the option of a four, seven or eight-day hike with reliable tour companies such as Tasmanian Walking Co. Don’t expect to keep your shoes on for long; the hike is nestled along white sandy beaches and your feet will be submerged in wet sand and underwater for a good part of the hike. The Binalong Bay is known for the bright orange lichen that coats the large boulders, white sandy beaches and clear turquoise-blue waters hikers explore. With this aerial video taken by a drone, it’s difficult to deny the beautiful and unique hike that provides, relaxation and adventure with one trip.

DJI Majic Pro

For most, traveling is a luxury. What better way to document your trip than with a high-end gadget like the DJI Mavic Pro, a portable drone that will shoot optimal footage of your next adventure. The collapsible drone allows you to easily and safely store the drone in your backpack and take it out during picture-worthy moments effortlessly. With a 4K camera and a range of 4.3 miles, the drone shoots HD videos and images at 720p long range and up to 1080p short range.

Cinque Terre National Park: Cinque Terre, Italy

It’s extremely easy to overindulge on pasta, wine and desserts in Italy. Counteract the rich and delicious food with beautiful hikes through Cinque Terre. Catering to hikers of all experience levels, the various trails within Cinque Terre take you through unique landscapes such as vineyards in the countryside overlooking waters from Corniglia to Vernazza. If Italy is calling for you, follow this guide to make the most of your trip.

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