Inside the Future of Luxury – The direction of luxury consumers and experiences

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Guy Bentley, CEO Worldwide of Glion Institute of Higher Education recounts his experience at the recent “Inside the Future of Luxury” panel held recently in London and dissects discussion outcomes on their relevance and implications for higher education. Taking stock … Read More

Tesla Motors unveils its long-awaited $35K Model 3 electric car

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After almost a decade of teases, promises, and back-of-the-envelope calculations from journalists and fans the world afar, Tesla Motors has finally unveiled the Model 3, a $35,000 product that aims to bring high-end electric cars to the masses. We’ve had lower-priced … Read More

Luxury Travel Trends Shift As Affluent Millennials Act On Their Aspirations

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Many millennials today are entering their peak earning years and gaining more affluence at unprecedented rates. This new generation is changing the face of affluence forever. According to our latest research from FutureCast, nearly one quarter of U.S. adults making … Read More

Paris is top luxury shopping destination for Chinese consumers

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PARIS, March 31 ― Paris is set to overtake Hong Kong as the destination of choice for Chinese consumers snapping up luxury goods. According to a report prepared by the Boston Consulting Group, more Chinese tourists are expected to take … Read More

Searching for a good deal? Try Russian stores

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The dramatic fall in the ruble’s value over two years has made shopping in Russia lucrative and advantageous for foreigners: iPhones, luxury brands and even cars are cheaper here. What are tourists looking out for and from where are they … Read More

Innovative Skyroad Showcases Latest Jaguar XJ

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29 March 2016: Jaguar took its latest XJ to one of the world’s most spectacular modern roads – the ‘Skyroad’ in China – to find out how innovation in road technology and design is helping to match the improving ride … Read More

The Intercontinental Sydney – Location and Luxury on Sydney Harbor

Sydney is a popular port of call for many cruise lines. Whether you start or end your cruise here, plan to spend some time in this spectacular port as part of your vacation. Sydney is recognized as one of the … Read More

Luxury Smartwatches? Whatever….INFOGRAPHIC

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Any professional marketer or carnival barker will tell you that people love things that are neat and are more than willing to shell out cash for the latest neat thing. Right now, the neatest thing out there is also the … Read More

What would Nikola Tesla say? The ‘cheaper’ Tesla still considered a luxury car

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The big news is that a new Tesla is coming out. The bigger news is that the ‘cheaper’ Tesla is still considered a luxury car. Tesla has evolved (or morphed as some would suggest) from an innovative electric car company … Read More

50pc of Chinese consumers seek best, most expensive product: McKinsey

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Chinese consumers are becoming more selective in their purchases, trading up from mass to premium labels as their confidence grows. A new McKinsey report, “The Modernization of the Chinese Consumer,” found that a significant portion of the population would raise … Read More

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