Popular Design Trends Found in Today’s Luxury Homes

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When the average American is looking to buy a home, they look for typically general characteristics in that living space. For instance, you may look for en suite bathrooms, big yards, and gourmet kitchens. Multiple bathrooms and garages are usually the real deal breakers in ordinary homes. However, the stakes rise significantly when it comes to high-end luxury homes. Some of the things that may seem like a big deal in the average home are expected as a must have for the luxury real estate. A recent study carried out by Trulia suggested that the ordinary wants for the affluent class of Americans have drastically changed.

New trends all the thanks to technology and human innovation are quickly taking over in the luxury real estate industry. When the middle-class earners hear about a Jacuzzi, wine cellars, gym or movie theaters, the first thing that comes to mind where they can access those amenities are in a shopping mall. They may also avoid building a pool because the custom pool prices are just too high for them. For the wealthy, however, those packages are on their basic list of wants that they want fulfilled. The emerging class of wealthy citizens has led to the increased demand for luxury homes by the real estate industry. In this article, we are going to highlight what most luxury homes have in common.

Tennis courts

The billionaires and millionaires will not need to go to their local country club to play tennis. Most of these affluent citizens prefer to have a tennis court in their backyard so they can play tennis with their friends or family members whenever they are free. Most luxury homes in Hollywood and the Silicon Valley are now having a tennis court as a standard amenity. One of the real estate moguls from Nest Seekers International, Geoff Gifkins says that a private tennis court in the home compound is becoming a favored amenity and a rare privilege for most luxury home buyers in the 21st century.

Wine rooms

An in-built wine rack or a fridge for wines in the kitchen area might be a perk for the average American homeowner. However, such amenities are not going to fit the standards required for a home to qualify a spot in the luxury home market. Prospective luxury homeowners want a complete room to stack their expensive wine collection instead of just a small space in the kitchen area. Whether they want to have a group of assortment wines such as Sauvignon blanc and cabernet or just want enough supply for parties, special occasions or just for entertainment purposes, a room for wines is mandatory.

Marble bathrooms

Marble is a little bit impractical for the middle-class average earner. This is due to the fact they are tough to maintain and come with an expensive price tag. The wealthy do not want to waste time and resources by having to do a bathroom remodel once they buy a home to have such luxuries as marble. The prospective luxury home buyer is not concerned about whether their bathroom is practical or not. The fact that they have unlimited resources is reason enough to buy whatever they want despite the high cost of buying or maintaining. Marble brings a classic, and elegant feel to the home environment and luxury home buyers wish to them from their countertops, floors and their bathrooms.

Private movie theaters

Although the average home buyer may have the perception that having a movie theater in a home is somewhat extravagant, luxury homeowners want it as an essential amenity just like they want the bathroom or the dining area. These class of high-end homeowners is likely to stack their private movie theaters with their favorite movies, a popcorn machine, and their favorite candy collection. The home movie theater is a favorite place for entertainment for friends and family especially during the weekends or the holidays. Moreover, cocktails are also a favorite in private home movie theaters where you get to enjoy your favorite movie with a cocktail on hand. What an experience.

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