Raising the BAR: Purling London luxury comes to the Backgammon board

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When it comes to board games, there is nothing ‘boring’ about them when playing on a set crafted by Purling London. Known for their exquisite and truly unique chess sets, Purling London has translated their beautiful design language to the grand old game of Backgammon.


The luxurious experience begins with the sense of touch when grasping for one of the superbly finished checkers or ‘draughts’. The Purling London logo is prominently displayed in the leather lined bottom of the solid pieces.

At the core of Backgammon is the board itself. The 24 uniquely styled ‘points’ are screened on a translucent pane that brings a new dimension to the game of Backgammon. Turn it on and the board comes to life with a soft glow that really takes the battle into the spotlight. The boards are entirely made by hand in England and are finished in an appropriate glossy white.

The dice themselves have an edgy look to them and are of a quality that matches the checkers. A classically styled white ‘betting die’ is included in the set.

Available with white and red checkers with complimenting clear and red translucent dice, red and black checkers with complimenting red translucent and solid black dice or white and gold checkers which include a set of clear and uniquely finished gold dice.

Beautifully boxed and available directly from Purling London.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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