Range Rover shows off performance in game of chicken against glider

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Television spot for 2017 Range Rover model

Automaker Land Rover North America has taken a page from Hollywood to show off its latest Range Rover design, with a short film that includes a high-speed chase shot by an award-winning director.

“Glide” is the latest television commercial for the most-recent design for the Range Rover. The ad shows the Range Rover racing against a glider plane, directed by Joachim Back in Nice, France.

Range Rover performance
Against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains of Nice, France, the newest commercial shows off the Range Rover’s power as it competes with the glider plane.

Along with the score reminiscent of a James Bond film, the spot opens with a man smiling as he drives his Range Rover through the mountains and looks over at a glider flying by.

Land Rover’s Glide commercial

The driver begins to speed up and hangs a left. The glider plane attempts to keep up with vehicle as the two head toward an upcoming tunnel.

Arriving at the tunnel, the two fight for entry but the Range Rover beats the glider and it has to pull up. The commercial cuts to the driver of the Range Rover standing outside of his vehicle, laughing at the glider as he finally starts to land and looking at his watch.

The spot ends with text appearing that says, “Luxury awaits.”

“Glide” will be featured along digital channels and across television channels in North America. The ad was developed in partnership with the agency Spark44.

Mr. Back worked with a renowned air pilot for non-powered planes to pilot the glider and create the ad.

During the course of his career, Mr. Back has used visual storytelling to create campaigns for goods including Viagra, Bud Light and Tostitos, among others. Most recently, Mr. Back was awarded an Oscar for Best Live Action Short during the 82nd Academy Awards for his film “The New Tenants.”

The 2017 Range Rover features its Advanced Driver Assistance System autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot assist, lane-keep assist, advanced-tow assist and more.

Land Rover’s Glide commercial

Land Rover is already starting to share the spot across its social media channels, with posts that include the caption “Luxury renowned for being above the curve,” and the hashtags #RangeRover, #Luxury and #SUV.

Land Rover’s Glide commercial

Marketing range
Jaguar Land Rover also previously urged consumers to join it on “An Arctic Journey” to show off its Range Rover Sport SVR.

In a series of videos, the Range Rover Sport SVR, billed as “the most powerful Land Rover ever,” followed the Arctic Circle from Norway to the north ends of Sweden and Finland, some of the coldest parts of the world. The videos have instilled trust in viewers by showcasing the vehicle’s safety and reliability (see more).

Land Rover also added comfort to the rugged wilderness with a one-off sleeper cabin designed for off-grid adventures.

Affluent consumers have evolved from an interest in material goods to a penchant for experience, which has provided opportunity for brands to develop goods that meld the finer things in life with once-in-a-lifetime activities. In part to demonstrate its versatility and all-terrain capability and design, Land Rover worked with Danish architecture firm LUMO to create a wilderness cabin designed to fit within the Discovery Sport SUV model (see more).

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