Rarity and bold design come together for the ultimate in wrist candy: The EMBRACELET™

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People who are involved with mass production fully understand that concept of time and how it works against the bottom line. Designers and craftsmen who work in luxury use time an entirely different way.

The designers at Von Urbanovsky understand time and exhibit the utmost patience when creating their stunning pieces. Their latest offering takes seven years to complete and relies on healthy combination of natural process and human ingenuity.


The EMBRACELET™ is the end result of that human and natural cooperation. A stunning ‘bracelet’ that can be worn by women and men that would enhance and accentuate any fashion or personal style.

At the core of the piece are the finest Tahitian pearls that take approximately 7 years to cure. Each one is painstakingly hand selected and assessed for gem quality and colour matching.

Version 2

After meeting Von Urbanovsky’s strict standards, the pearls are strung together in a proprietary fashion by VU’s expert jewellers. The EMBRACELET’s form is completed with a unique patented 18K gold clasping mechanism that allows the owner to take it off and put it on quickly with only one hand.

The EMBRACELET™ can be outfitted with 8-9 mm pearls or for a grander statement, larger 10-11 mm pearls. Each piece is handmade in Germany and Von Urbanovsky’s bespoke services will ensure a perfect fit and finish for the privileged owner.

Josef Reisz, CEO of Von Urbanovsky talks about his company’s latest creation:

The collection is limited to only 12 bracelets per year and owners can further personify their piece by adding 84 diamonds to the special clasp creating an even more special masterpiece.

The EMBRACELET™ defines luxury jewellery by embracing three concepts, rarity, expert craftsmanship and unique design. Not everyone can own one but those that do are not afraid to make their mark in the world.

Available directly through Von Urbanovsky and will available first quarter, 2017,

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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