Rise of the Australian Plastic Surgery Industry

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Some time ago, medical professionals noticed that the number of patients opting for elective plastic surgeries is rising and that this industry is in demand. The trends in plastic surgery are constantly changing, so what’s new in the world of anti-aging, vaginal rejuvenation and breast augmentation in Australia?

Bring back the youth

People who wish to look younger have always been around us and it seems that this trend will never end. What’s quite surprising and distinctive for our era, though, is a new crave in the world of plastic surgery that’s popular all around the world today: the “mommy makeover.”

This treatment’s name is rather self-explanatory and you don’t need to think long before realizing it’s actually popular with women who wish to regain their pre-pregnancy looks. That’s why they ask for liposuction, breast implants and stomach tucking procedures more than ever in order to get back into their former bodies.

The “Wow!” effect

While labiaplasty has never been popular in certain parts of the world, it’s rather in demand in Australia as we speak. This procedure alters the skin around the vulva and is still quite controversial because it’s so close to genital mutilation. Moreover, it’s something women choose to do more often than they need to, which also makes it more than dangerous when performed by inexperienced medical professionals.

What’s also astonishing is that this procedure is claimable on Medicare, which makes it affordable and popular for millions of Australian women of all ages, so even teenage girls ask for it! However, labiaplasty isn’t always the best option and if it’s only making you feel better, think twice before deciding to undergo it.

No fat, no problem!

Another cosmetic surgery that’s always been popular is liposuction. Lots of people don’t have a problem trying it out because it seems like the best way to remove exces fat from your body in a matter of hours. It’s almost non-invasive and sometimes the only option for patients who can’t seem to lose weight any other way.

If your weight keeps coming back after years of dieting, working out and eating properly, liposuction may be the only solution, but be sure to stick to a healthy eating regime after having your fat sucked out of your body. Of course, this intervention has to be performed by an experienced surgeon and if you too are looking for a professional liposuction in Perth, be sure to contact trustworthy and qualified surgeons who can solve your fat-related issues.

Lose the wrinkles

There are a few cosmetic surgery treatments that have always been popular in Australia – breast augmentation, eyelid treatment, nose surgery and skin rejuvenation are just some of those – but it seems that anti-wrinkle treatments are more popular than all of these combined! And being a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment makes it quite acceptable even to people who fear injuries and have low pain threshold.

Anti-wrinkle treatment is supposed to relax the muscles around your eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth and basically make you look several years younger in just a few minutes. It’s thought to be the most popular with people above 40, but some researches show that it’s been gaining more and more popularity even with those in their 30s who suffer from wrinkles.

The total cost

With so many Australians deciding to go under the knife, one has to wonder how much these plastic surgeries cost in total. Last year, the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia made a projection that the population of this country spends over $1 billion on cosmetic surgeries annually, which just shows that people from the Land Down Under are always looking for skilled and experienced plastic surgeons.

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