Roads well traveled: Luxury experiences on 4 wheels INFOGRAPHIC

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There are 2 distinct emotional responses when it comes to cars:

  1. How you feel when you see the car

  2. How you feel when you drive the car

Car makers put a lot of effort into that initial visual pop they expect from shiny and sculpted metalwork and there is no arguing that the first reaction can set the stage.

But for enthusiasts and those with a real appreciation for engineering, number two can easily make up for and trump number one. Precisely tuned sports cars and opulent luxury machines can deliver a driving experience that starts at the pedal and reverberates through the driver’s entire body.

Cars needs roads to drive on and the road itself can elevate the driving experience to bucket list status. Our friends at Select Car Leasing have created this amazing infographic outlining the best road trips in the EU and the appropriate ‘hardware’ to enjoy those twisty bends and high speed straightaways.

And yes, opening up an R8 on the Autobahn is a bucket list experience!


By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media / Select Car Leasing

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