Roland Mouret embrace rise of micro bag with launch of ‘Mini’

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Following the success of his latest PF17 show, the French-born designer is proud to announce the Mini Classico Bag – a miniature adaptation of his bestselling and iconic Classico Bag.

A natural extension of his eponymous PF17 ready-to-wear collection, Roland Mouret’s new Mini Classico Bags embody his unique mélange of aesthetic sensibility and function, resulting in a range of essential handbags for all occasions.

Tiny and perfectly formed, Micro Bags are certainly the ‘It’ accessory of 2017 and look like they’ll be sticking around next season. It is hard to believe that this ‘small’ trend is making such a large impact, with it having women compromise something they hold dear – a handbag they can fit their world into. However, the beauty of the ‘micro bag’, consequently true of the Mini Classico, is that you can wear it solo or layered with a larger bag as seen on a-list celebrities and style influencers alike.

Just as the Roland Mouret ready-to-wear line has the power to transform, the Classico Bag seamlessly shifts from one silhouette to another using origami style folds to create an alternative configuration. In a twist of function and form so indicative of Roland Mouret, the Mini Classico Bag remains secured by magnetic folds, even when turned upside down.

The Mini Classico Bag is available in four different colourways.

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