Rolls-Royce debuts Wraith inspired luggage set and yes…it’s more expensive then a really a good car

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In an effort to expand brand presence and revenue streams, upper tier luxury car makers have no issue lending their brands to other non-car related categories. Bentley has seen great success with its high end furniture and fashion lines while Ferrari has had tepid response from investors for their non-car marketing efforts.


Even still, there is always an opportunity for luxury car brands (and even non-luxury car brands) to slap their name on something expensive and count it as a sale. Rolls-Royce’s latest foray into cross branding is much more than a slap of a label.

Inspired by the Wraith luxury coupe, Rolls-Royce has debuted a line of bespoke luggage that seemingly fits perfectly into the trunk of a Wraith. The edition is so bespoke, Wraith owners can request stitching that matches the interior of their own cars.


Rolls-Royce consulted with butlers and valets at top hotels to find out what makes a top tier piece of luggage and started with a tough and durable carbon fiber interior. White gloved craftsman build the bags by hand and owners (yes, if you have these bags you are called an owner) can choose from a two-tone or monotone leather shell from Rolls-Royce’s color palette.


The self aligning wheels on the Grand Tourer bag run as smooth as the cars themselves and have polished chrome fender accents that will make you think twice about throwing the bag on the convener at LaGuradia. The instantly recognizable Spirit of Ecstasy in embossed prominently in the leather.

The 6 piece set sells for about $46,000 USD. Wraith ownership not mandatory (we think).

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media Source and images courtesy Motor Authority

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