Security Upgrades Made for Mansions

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Your home is your castle — perhaps literally. You’ve spent a fortune building, customizing and decorating your home to be just your taste. Don’t take the chance of all the hard work being ruined by a break-in, natural disaster or other damaging event. Take a few tips from the most protected buildings around the world to implement in your home.

Reinforce Your Structure

Unless you live in Arizona, chances are you may be at the mercy of natural disasters. Whether you’re on the East Coast and are plagued by hurricanes and super storms or on the West Coast and are worried about earthquakes, there are ways to protect your home. The Corbi family in Los Angeles, for example, has reinforced steel that goes down 30 feet below the ground to protect their home from earthquakes. When you’re building your dream home, make sure it goes down deep to keep it rooted to the spot or take a note from the ancient Incas and build your home in a way that lets it sway with the quakes.

You also can weatherproof your windows and doors to withstand a storm. Consult an architect that specializes in extreme weatherproofing to help you make all the necessary adjustments for your location. You may want to invest in fortified windows to prevent any leaks from getting in during a hurricane. You may need to raise certain rooms so water can’t get in. Or you may need to get a different type of roof tiles to make sure rain and snow slides right off instead of through your ceiling.

Set up Your Security

Just like the castles of old, you need to make sure it’s secure. While you may not want a drawbridge and moat, there are plenty of modern ways to protect your beautiful home. Start with a fence that borders your property. You can find decorative and beautiful options that help keep intruders out, like the Fair Field Estate in the Hamptons. The gate protecting the priceless art in this mansion is high-tech, which you can do for your fencing options as well. You can even go as far as Bill Gates who built an underground entrance and parking into his home. Hire a fully licensed and insured service provider like Florida State Fence to install a fence, gate or natural barrier.

Install a home security systems that has wireless cameras that can run 24 hours a day to deter criminals. Make sure you can access the footage in real-time and that it has an alarm in case there is a problem. You also may want to install smart locks on your windows and doors that will trigger an alarm if any unauthorized person tries to get into your home. If need be, you also may want to employ security guards to monitor the entrances to your home.

Consider a Panic Room

Some of the most secure buildings across the world feature high-tech and comfortable panic rooms for their inhabitants. The Corbi family has a panic room the size of an average American home; Buckingham Palace has panic rooms made of 18 inches of steel; and the White House has the President Emergency Operations Center that is located six stories below the main quarters.

Panic rooms are not a new invention, but they now can be more high-tech and allow you to be safe and comfortable at the same time. Set up your panic room with comfortable furniture, internet access and other high-tech devices in addition to security cameras, reinforced walls and doors and smart locks to keep your protected.

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