Soak in the luxury of Ceylon Tea Trails in Sri Lanka

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Amisty winding road, dotted with tea estates on both sides, leads into a fragrant driveway filled with blossoms of all imaginable colours, standing tall, to welcome you into the Norwood Bungalow

A colonial touch

Norwood Bungalow is one of the quartet that form the Ceylon Tea Trails. The other three being Tientsin Bungalow, Castlereagh Bungalow & Summerville Bungalow all built above an altitude of 4,000 ft, ensuring a pleasant climate all through the year.

The moment you enter any of them, the greens of the tea estates around and the sweeping lawns blend into the deep blue of the swimming pools and the sky to paint a pretty picture. Add to this the supreme luxury, impeccable service of the staff, to-die-for gourmet cuisine and you have an absolute dream vacation on your hands!

Soak in the luxury of Ceylon Tea Trails in Sri Lanka

Devour organic local cuisine

Meals are a special affair at the Tea Trails. A unique aspect of the cuisine here is the use of fresh, home grown herbs, vegetables and teas from the surrounding areas. The chefs are sure to delight you with the most delectable tea infused dishes like Keemun Tea and fresh tarragon infused roasted chicken, Moroccan Mint Tea crusted lamb rump steak with grilled herb polenta or luscious desserts like Apple tart with Assam Tea cream anglaise, Cinnamon Tea poached pears with butterscotch ice cream.

Active outdoor fun

You can choose from a myriad range of activities like white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, golfing, bird watching, croquet, tennis, luxury spas and treatments. You can also walk or cycle along any of the pristine trails that take you through the finely manicured tea gardens and offer spectacular views of the mountain ranges or Soak in the luxury of Ceylon Tea Trails in Sri Lanka (2)ravines, of meandering roads and sparkling waterfalls.

Rejuvenate your senses

While doing all that, don’t miss out on the Tea Trails experience. Their resident tea planter, Andrew Taylor, will take you through the age-old tea making process. Then move on to watch the tea pluckers. The daily complimentary tour ends with a tasting of different grades of this ancient brew along with tea-infused cuisine. Add to that tea based spa treatments and trekking trails that traverse tea-blanketed hills, and you can truly claim to have soaked yourself in tea land! At Tea Trails be assured of an unforgettable holiday that will not only rejuvenate you and lift your spirits but will also give you a lifetime of special memories.

By Pallavi Gaitonde Courtesy The Economic Times