Sparkling out of time

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The Academia Out of Time model scintillates with gold in celebration of 2017.

After  rendering  this  iconic  timepiece  in  elegant  black,  blue  and  white  shades  of  lacquer,  the  DeWitt Manufacture now presents the Academia Out of Time with its dial lacquered in a chocolate colour tone highlighted by specks of gold.

The  Maison  has  built  up  the  skills  and  know-how  to  manufacture  our  extremely  complex  dials  in-house, perpetuating and advancing traditional artistic crafts, guilloché-work, enamelling and lacquering so all our dials can be entirely crafted by hand.

The  mastermind  behind  this  patented  invention,  Jérôme  de  Witt,  gives  us  a  highly  personal interpretation of time with a combination of bold design and a grand watch complication.

Housed in a round 42.5 mm diameter case, the Academia Out of Time watch is driven by an automatic DeWitt  calibre  indicating  the  hours,  minutes  and  seconds,  and  entirely  developed,  produced  and assembled by hand by our master watchmakers at the Meyrin Manufacture in Geneva.

Robust and reliable with its 21,600 vibrations per hour and its 65- hour power reserve, the Out of Time version  is  equipped  with  two  elaborate  complications:  a  dead-beat  seconds  hand,  which  serves  as both  a  regulator  and  an  indicator  of  the  seconds  function  in  the  display  at  4  o’clock,  and  a  free seconds hand, a DeWitt invention, in the display at 8 o’clock.

These  2  functions  represent  the  opposition  between  real  time,  in  the form   of   regulator   function   of   the   dead-beat   seconds   hand   that momentarily halts at each second, and virtual time, freely following its wild and endless course.

This unique watch structure is made up of the DW5051 standard manufactured calibre plus additional modules, with a total of 217 components, most of which are made in-house and assembled in DeWitt’s own workshops.

Creating  an  interplay  of  contrasting effects  through  the  combination  of  traditional  and  innovative materials, the  Academia Out of Time’s case is crafted in 18-carat rose gold  and  black rubber,  with a subtle recreation of the famous imperial columns, the distinctive signature of DeWitt watch creations.

Like all DeWitt watch creations, it perfectly meets the very high standard of finishes endorsed by the Manufacture. We also find two small “W” sign atures on the crown and on the buckle.

Linked  more  closely  than  ever  to  the  exclusive  end  of  the  market  with  the  Academia  Out  of  Time model,  the  DeWitt  Manufacture  combines  unconventional  watchmaking  expertise  with  constantly renewed creativity to create this resolutely innovative timepiece.

Courtesy DeWitt

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