Sydney’s Nightlife Extravaganza

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Sydney is said to be one of the most exciting and extravagant cities in the world for a good reason – its nightlife definitely proves this claim, and if you want to find out something more about it, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here’s a useful guide on how to experience it in the best possible way, so check it out!

Luxurious restaurants you mustn’t miss

You can’t say that you’ve visited Sydney if you don’t explore some of its finest restaurants, which can offer something for everyone’s taste. Even though there are traditional Australian dishes which are undoubtedly really tasty, the fact is that Australian cuisine is pretty much international, as it’s a fusion of French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and many other cuisines. Mr Wong is one of the best restaurants you certainly shouldn’t miss if you’re up for tasty Chinese food, and you definitely have to try their pan friend Szechuan style lamb dumplings. Tetsuya is another restaurant you shouldn’t skip, especially if you’re looking for Zen and overall feeling of tranquility while having a dinner. This place features a fusion of Japanese philosophy and French technique. Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s ten course degustation menu will completely sweep you off your feet, and especially his fabulous oysters even Gordon Ramsey loves. As for the Italian restaurant, there’s Pizza Madre where you can have an outstanding pizza slice you won’t forget for a really long time.  

Trendy bars and clubs for everyone

When you’re done with your dinner, it’s about time you found a trendy bar to continue your extravagant journey. Darlo Country Club is one of the fabulous places that draws inspiration from Californian country clubs, so be sure to visit it if you’re into that kind of a vibe. There are some magnificent cocktails like the tropical rum and herbal honey concoction one called ‘Howard Hughes’. Besides that, this place’s sports-inspired interior is what you’ll absolutely love, so don’t miss it when in Sydney. On the other hand, if you want to spend a couple of hours in a relaxed yet chic and sophisticated atmosphere, Soho Bar & Lounge is the right place for you. If you’re a dancing queen who can’t wait what she’s got, you should know that this place also has a fantastic dance floor with individual podiums, which are perfect for showing off your moves during the night. It’s also important to know that this bar is a celebrity hot-spot, as many famous musicians and actors love visiting it while in Sydney. Here’s one useful tip: be sure you dress to impress, and you’ll be more than fine!

A hot private party on point

On the other hand, if you aren’t really interested in clubbing like there’s no tomorrow, there’s always an option of organizing a private party just for your boyfriend or a group of closest friends. No matter if we’re talking about a poker night, birthday, or a sporting event – there is something awesome you can do to surprise your boyfriend or best friend. Apart from choosing the venue and getting the necessary amounts of alcoholic drinks, you should also hire a topless waitress in Sydney and provide them with the ultimate source of fun. Trust us, they’ll be so thrilled to attend a party like that, so be sure you’re open-minded and do it for your boy. He’ll be absolutely stunned with his little hot private party, and you’ll be the best girlfriend he could ever ask for. Does it get any better than that? We don’t think so! Of course, you won’t have to worry at all, since these girls are highly professional and their customers’ satisfaction is their top priority, which is why this is definitely the right choice for the upcoming party!

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