Why luxury brands no longer give China’s online marketplaces the cold shoulder

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The world’s biggest luxury brands are increasingly jumping into China’s US$751 billion e-retail market The world’s biggest luxury brands have had a change of heart towards China’s online marketplaces, which they once saw as a no-win battleground of counterfeit sellers, … Read More

Luxury Retailers Have To Sell Experiences To Keep Asian Consumers Interested

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The buzzword that drives retail today is experience. And if luxury retail is to retain its place at the top, it must capitalize on the so-called “experience economy” to engage discerning consumers. Spending is shifting from traditional products to experiences, according … Read More

Louis Vuitton Launches eCommerce Site In China

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French fashion brand Louis Vuitton, part of LVMH, announced that it has launched an eCommerce website in China. According to Reuters, the move comes as the luxury retailer tries to tap into the country’s booming online shopping market. Louis Vuitton, … Read More

Luxury Brands Need to Embrace These Digital Engagement Tactics or Become Irrelevant

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There’s no doubt that the luxury industry relies heavily on tradition, from reputation to tried and tested production methods and a certain level of service which resonates with customers willing to spend significant amounts of money. And this strategy has … Read More

Alibaba, Tencent Benefit From Luxury-Goods Boom

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Luxury sales in China are expected to increase between 6% and 8% this year, presenting a big opportunity for ecommerce giant Alibaba Group and rival Tencent. Thanks in part to increasing discretionary spending on the part of Chinese consumers, easy … Read More

9 Mobile Social Marketing Tips for Luxury Brands in China

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The leading Chinese digital marketing agency Social Touch recently hosted a marketing conference in Shanghai that gathered industry experts from institutions such as IBM and Forrester to discuss the future of mobile social marketing in China. Here are nine insightful … Read More

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