Hong Kong second-hand fashion websites change shopping habits

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The second-hand fashion market has never taken off in Hong Kong. Its limited retail presence contrasts sharply with the city’s luxury shopping scene. Hongkongers have always favoured the new, the sleek and the modern; anything old or last-season was quickly scrapped. But attitudes are … Read More

Here’s How Much the World’s Top 10 Fashion Brands Are REALLY Worth

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Whoever thinks there’s no money in fashion, clearly isn’t up to date with the latest numbers. In fact, new data suggests it’s not only the luxury fashion brands bringing in big money–fast-fashion labels are also generating billions of dollars in revenue … Read More

Dior’s New Flagship in Gangnam District to Attract Consumers With High Tea

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NEW YORK—South Korea has been gradually overtaking Japan as Asia’s fashion trend-setting epicenter—and foreign luxury brands have been adapting their marketing strategies to reflect that shift. Christian Dior, the fashion and perfume label owned by the LVMH group that includes … Read More

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