Study reveals the prevalence of fake luxury goods on Instagram, and the evolving tactics of counterfeiters

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New research has found that 20% of Instagram posts about luxury fashion brands featured counterfeit and/or illicit products. The report calls for a comprehensive international strategy to fight the prevalence of fake goods online, but the usual roadblocks remain, meaning … Read More

Customization programs reinvent haute couture concept for wider audience

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Digital has democratized customization, making bespoke services that were once reserved for only the top clients of the large brands accessible to more labels and consumers. Via ecommerce platforms, consumers can now play designer, as brands enable them to select … Read More

The complicated relationship between luxury brands and resale sites

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There’s a tension that exists between luxury brands and the startups that specialize in the resale of secondhand items. While these companies are profiting off of consumers by reselling items, a practice luxury brands oftentimes frown upon, they’re providing valuable … Read More

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