Neuf le banc: Luxury must haves for the ultimate casino experience

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When it comes to luxury experiences, gambling is right up there on the list delivering maximum emotional and mental thrills. Catching a hot winning streak at a card table is an Adrenalin fueled rush similar to what one would feel … Read More

Louis Vuitton introduces new customization campaign “Make it Yours”

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Promoted as ‘Make it Yours’, the new Louis Vuitton campaign focuses wholly on personalization and allows connoisseurs a chance to play with its classic Monogram pieces with panache. As part of the project, Louis Vuitton presents buyers with a selection … Read More

The best investment designer handbags to buy, from Chanel to Dior

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The rarest and best-kept bags can sky-rocket in value The designer handbags that bring in the most cash when re-sold have been revealed by a firm specialising in vintage and pre-loved fashion. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior are among the brands … Read More

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