Epic ‘Something for Everyone’ Holiday Gift Guide

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Ah, holiday shopping—the time of year when we go toe-to-toe, elbow-to-elbow and sometimes nose-to-nose with other merry-makers seeking out the season’s latest and greatest giftables. While throngs resign themselves to the chaotic “mall crawl,” it seems the majority of holiday … Read More

The Technology Boom’s Hottest Luxury Gadgets

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It’s 2017, and the technology boom that has occurred has been remarkable. Technological developments continue to trend toward the family, but there have also been some amazing advancements in fitness, and of course, in this increasingly social world— communications. Here … Read More

The 2017 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards celebrated their 5th Anniversary Gala Ceremony to roaring success

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The Greek skies were illuminated by the leading lights of the luxury hospitality and lifestyle industry on the 5th anniversary of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards held at the exclusive “The Ecali Club” on September 23rd An … Read More

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