LUXURY HACKS: 4 Ways Successful People Use Their Smartphones

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Being successful isn’t always smooth sailing, in fact, it’s a combination of hard work, determination, and self-control. But in this day and age, technology and social media can often distract us from our goals and sometimes even hinder that success … Read More

The Technology Boom’s Hottest Luxury Gadgets

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It’s 2017, and the technology boom that has occurred has been remarkable. Technological developments continue to trend toward the family, but there have also been some amazing advancements in fitness, and of course, in this increasingly social world— communications. Here … Read More

Vertu’s collapse shows that luxury smartphone technology really is only skin deep

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Let’s face it. The luxury market is going through a shakeup of epic proportions. The golden rule holds true as wealthy millennials decide with their pocket book what is and isn’t luxury. The smartphone industry is the latest category to … Read More

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