Our Man on the Ground: Thanos Liontos updates us on luxury and technology from the Greek perspective

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The current political crisis in the U.K.is a stark reminder of what Greeks had to endure economically a few years ago. Did the sky fall on Greece or did one of the top luxury destinations survive the economic carnage? For … Read More

Asian consumers’ preferred travel destinations reveal retail expansion opportunities

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Nearly 80 percent of affluent Asian consumers plan to increase spending on travel, according to a new report from Agility Monitor. While it is no big secret that spending and travel are on the rise in China and elsewhere in … Read More

Luxury travel outpaces the rest of the travel industry, according to new Amadeus report

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MADRID – Global consumers are increasingly spending their disposable income on experiences rather than material goods. And consumers’ desire for these life experiences is spurring a growth in luxury travel that is outpacing the rest of the travel industry, according … Read More

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