The Best Hotels for Traveling NFL Fans

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True fans support their team away as well as at home. Though you may be few, traveling fans add great support for players on the field. And while you’re on the road, why not check out some of the city while you’re there? Many NFL teams are in cultural epicenters of their region. Don’t miss out on great food, music, and nightlife while you visit. But where will you stay? Here are some football-friendly hotels in desirable NFL locations.

shutterstock_315764885Cut Accommodation Costs

Accommodation is a major expense when you’re a traveling fan. You can cut down on these costs if you support your team against opposition with poor seasons. If you can predict which teams will have poor records, the games aren’t high stakes and the hotels will be less full of traveling fans, which cuts down on the demand of accommodations, and so, costs.

Choose Your City and Hotel

California: San Diego is a beautiful city with a stellar football team. Philip Rivers is a star quarterback in the NFL, and they’ve had a decent start to the season. When you visit San Diego, you’ll want a hotel near the stadium, as the city is spread out. The Sheraton San Diego Mission Valley is just a couple miles from the Qualcomm Stadium, and is known for its amenities, spacious guest rooms, and great service. It’s also near the San Diego Zoo.

Florida: The W in Fort Lauderdale might be a ways from the stadium, but last year it was purchased by the owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross. This means plenty of players and high profile fans are constantly in and out of this hotel. It will also help you save as it’s a half hour drive from the stadium and sister city, South Beach.

Washington: The Grand Hyatt in Seattle mixes luxury and convenience nicely. It’s smack dab in downtown, just five blocks from the historic street market on Pike street, Pike Place Market. Visit the fish throwers and the original Starbucks there, have a fresh seafood dinner on the pier, and then take a cab or Uber ride to Centurylink Field, one of the rowdiest stadiums in the NFL.

Illinois: Long ago Chicago was a lowly trading post. Now it has a rich history of cultural influences due to its strategic economic placement. Great jazz and music accompanies the Windy City, and the Bears are a classic fixture of the NFL. The Hilton Hotel overlooks Grant Park and Lake Michigan. It has easy access to public transportation like taxi, bus, or train, and is walking distance to Soldier Field as well as many shopping centers and restaurants.

Massachusetts: The Liberty Hotel in Boston is a great place for those visiting Gillette Stadium, home of defending Superbowl Champs, the New England Patriots. The T, Bostson’s subway system, is only a block away, which can connect you to the Back Bay Station. Transfer there for a ride to the stadium.

New York: In New York you can reach MetLife Stadium no matter where you are, due to the city’s fantastic subway system. The Moderne hotel is a stylish hotel, popular among fans and players alike. It’s directly in the center of the action of Midtown, and with a 24-hour cappuccino bar, you can stay sleepless in the city that never sleeps.

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