The Best Ways to Experience Luxury Travel in India

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So you want to visit India, but don’t know were to start. All you might be familiar with are the pictures of paint covered locals and tourists smiling during the Holi Festival. It intrigues you and you wonder if the entire country is like that. Well the good news is India is incredibly diverse, and an absolutely gorgeous travel destination with locals who are friendly and a tourism industry that is thriving. Take a look at a few of the best locations to stay when you find yourself in need of a holiday. 

Andaman Islands

These islands are located in the Indian Ocean between India and Thailand. Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, it sometimes takes a little patience to coordinate your travel plans to this new celebrity hotspot. Known for their beautiful and tranquil beaches, the Andaman Islands are a perfect paradise for a relaxing vacation. They are off the beaten path a bit and that is part of their appeal. They offer a touch of luxury and serenity everywhere you turn. The vast forest and beautiful coral beds are virtually untouched. Andaman offers laid back luxury at its finest.


The beautiful state of Rajasthan is a traveler’s getaway and anyone who does a little poking around can tell you why. You may be thinking of a sweltering desert scene like the ones portrayed in movies, but that is not the case. Rajasthan not only offers desert scenery but also boasts beautifully rugged mountains and green-forested riverbanks. You’ll be able to experience a wide range of historical and cultural sites in the beautiful kingdoms and palaces that are available to the public.

The Best Ways to Experience Luxury Travel in India

Cities such as Jaipur and Udaipur are very distinctive in their own right and they offer five-star luxury accommodations that are unmatched. You can choose to go shopping in the modern districts for some classy items to take home, or venture out to the countryside where you can shop at local markets that have not changed for centuries. A trip to Rajasthan is a one stop shopping source for adventure, history, travel, and shopping.


This is likely the most striking place in India. Home to over 13 million people, this ancient metropolis has been a fascination to many cultures throughout history. There are nuances of many civilizations sprinkled throughout this fine city. It’s a marriage of modern and historical architecture and culture. Delhi’s modernity is reflected in its wonderful shopping and market districts. You can find history too by visiting such gorgeous palaces as Qutub Minar. Delhi has a few of these and they are nothing short of ancient marvels.

If you get tired, slow it down a bit and take a ferry ride down the river to visit the ever-popular Taj Mahal. Afterwards when you have an appetite, feast at any one of their hotels that have five star meals at the ready. Delhi promises to be a dream destination even for the most discerning vacationer.

Kerala and Karnataka

Far from the hustle and bustle of Delhi lie these two vacation destination states. They have a feel to them that beckons you to relax and unwind. You can book a luxurious cruise through the backwaters where you will pass some beautiful villages steeped in India’s traditional ways. Stop in Cochin during your tour and find out why the spice trade still thrives in India. Cochin is the hub and spice still reigns king in India. There are influences from many different cultures here and you will find nothing but the best of the best spices here. Just make sure you don’t leave without sampling some of the wonderful food that they prepared. The traditional curries are like none you have ever had.

Finally, take a meandering drive through the countryside where you will find several nature preserves and some beautiful scenery along the rivers and lakes. You might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Indian Tiger in its natural habitat. With no shortage of luxury hotels to choose from, Kerala and Karnataka are must-see areas.

Street vendors abound throughout India. They serve up food that will delight and tantalize you. Make a trip and see why there is nothing like tandoori chicken or goat binyah. Spread your stay over the destinations mentioned above and get immersed in the culture and wonder of it all. You will find that though these places are different, the same common, cultural thread still holds then all together.

By Nicole Connelly Courtesy Travel Pulse