THE BLACKBOOK: Access to the the absolute pinnacle of craftsmanship – Stradivari

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What brand comes to mind when asked what is the ‘best car?’

Does the opulence and luxury of Rolls-Royce make that the best car or does the blistering raw performance of a Ferrrari make that the best car?

How about the best watch? Rolex, Piaget and Patek Philippe can equally claim the honor of being the best watch.


Fashionistas and gear-heads can argue all day long as to what is the best, but when it comes to one particular stringed instrument, there is only one label that is arguably the absolute very best – Stradivari.

Antonio Stradivari defined instrument making over 300 years ago and to this day, builders and workshops still strive to match the craftsmanship and sound engineering that made every Stradivarius unique.

Only between 450 to 500 examples exist in the world today with most in the possession of museums, institutions and elite orchestras. A small pool of Stradivarius violins are on the open market and represent one of the best asset investment opportunities.

Visitor in awe of a rare Stradivari violin in the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments
Visitor in awe of a rare Stradivari violin in the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments

In partnership with Von Urbanovsky, THE BLACKBOOK is proud to offer the pinnacle in craftsmanship – 3 stunning violin examples from Stradivarius’s early and golden violin making periods.

One piece is considered the be the finest example available for public acquisition.

Owning one of these instruments should be considered a privilege and its sound will be enjoyed across the greatest concert halls all over the globe.

Denying the public the beautiful and deep tones from a Stradivari should be considered a crime.

Please contact us directly for more details on acquisition and ownership protocols.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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