THE BLACKBOOK: Fast, furious and a practical investment?

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Accounts may quip that nothing fun can ever be practical. And 10 years ago if you told your accountant you were investing in cars, he would have had you voluntarily committed. How times have changed on both fronts.

A report for reputed analysts Knight Frank indicated that classic and vintage cars showed a return of 500% over a 10 years period. That blows the doors off any other investment including real estate and blue chip stocks. In fact, vintage cars are so attractive over art and wine appreciations that savvy investors (and possibly affluent gearheads) have created ‘hedge funds’ whose sole investment vehicle is…well…vehicles.

One such car that has shown confidence on the market and on the track is Ferrari’s 2004 Enzo supercar. Literally born out of the company’s mediocre track performance in the late 90’s, Ferrari packed every bit of racing trick and technology that helped them dominate F1 in the early 2000’s into the Enzo. The result is a track ready roadcar that is more of a challenge to drive to the grocery store than around the Nuremberg Ring.


With all it’s quirks and high maintenance ways, the Enzo is still one of those desirable supercars that has meaning way beneath the sheet metal and engine. A recent sale of a rebuilt Enzo came in at 1.75 million USD at an auction in early 2016. Considering that particular car was split in half in a spectacular crash in California and and had an original price of $670,000 US, the practical side of the investment equation emerges.

THE BLACKBOOK is excited to offer two stunning examples of the Enzo. Either of these cars would be a welcome addition to any collector’s fleet or for ‘hedge fund purposes’:

2004 Enzo in Rosso Corsa and matching interior. 4965 kms


2004 Enzo in Giallo Fly Yellow with Nero interior 15400 kms


Both machines are located in Europe and can be delivered worldwide. Include final destination in your inquiry for an accurate quote.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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