THE BLACKBOOK: Japanese influence fans JEANNE.CHAVANY’s latest piece

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JEANNE.CHAVANY is one of the few fashion houses that can call their luxury leather accessories 100% French made. That means that everything from the design to the leathers themselves to the craftsmanship are all of French origin. Classically styled handbags, bracelets and necklaces are the mainstay for the JEANNE.CHAVANY catalogue but this recent debut is a real departure for the brands contemporary style.


THE BLACKBOOK is excited to add this unique and very exclusive fashion accessory to the portfolio. Designed and crafted by JEANNE.CHAVANY and marketed exclusively through Von Urbanovsky, this stunning necklace is limited to only 15 pieces.

Named Uchiwa, JEANNE.JEANNE.CHAVANY infuses Japanese influences and hints at design elements of the fan it is named after.

“My inspiration comes from travelling and the Asian culture in particular. To underline the artisanal side and vision of JEANNE.CHAVANY, our workshop uses old traditional techniques only. Uchiwa is purely handmade with a lot of precision, skills and patience to bring to life such an exclusive design.” –Carla Martin CEO, JEANNE.CHAVANY

Brought to life with a rare and elite Matte Black Taruillion Calf Skin leather that comes from a tannery in France and design and constructed in The Republic, Uchiwa earns the distinction of of being a truly French made luxury accessory.

The striking design makes a statement in the boardroom as well as the ballroom. Do not indulge yourself if you aren’t comfortable engaging people who will inevitably ask you about that ‘beautiful thing around your neck’.

“I have seen women who shine as bright as the sun when wearing Uchiwa. It has such a powerful impact on the lady wearing it but also on everybody admiring Uchiwa on her. It simply is a masterpiece. Period.” – Josef Reisz, CEO Von Urbanovsky


Limited to only 15 pieces worldwide and only available through Von Urbanovsky by invitation only, this unique necklace is for the woman who must convey their unique personality through a confident and bold fashion statement.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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