THE BLACKBOOK: Master the seas with high tech engineering and old school propulsion

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When it comes to boating, there are two distinct camps of enthusiasts. On one side, you have sailors who enjoy the ease and control that comes with powerful engines at your disposal. On the other more serious side, you have enthusiasts that embrace the oldest form of propulsion know to man, the wind.

Sailing itself takes time to learn and master but a successful cruise on the wind can be one of the most satisfying adventures one can have.

Sailboats also have their own categories and differentiate themselves by the number of hulls in their design. Mono-hull sailboats require a heavy and protruding keel to keep ‘right’. When it comes to performance on the water, multi-hull designs rule the seas as these boats do not require a heavy keel. Multi-hull boats can also carry larger sails contributing to the higher performance on the water.

UK’s Shuttleworth Design has created a stunning new trimaran and has successfully melded the classic form of boating with the latest high tech features and materials.

The 12 meter (39 feet) Shuttle 39 is a high performance three hulled boat that is purpose designed for offshore sailing and fast cruising. The highly engineered Shuttle 39 achieves this with a light 2200kg weight and an 18.6 meter canting and rotating wing mast that can support a total sail area of 190 square meters.

While speed and performance are a main part of its DNA, The Shuttle 39 also delivers in luxury with a double cabin aft, galley, navigation station and saloon with twin births mid-ships and a cosy double berth in the forepeak.

The first Shuttle 39 is under construction for a customer and the design is available for a future build and acquisition.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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