THE BLACKBOOK: ‘Private Jet’ of the seas by Federico Fiorentino is the must have super-yacht accessory

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The booming super-yacht business is driving naval architects to push the envelope in design and length. Docking larger vessels offshore is a given and as beams continue to grow, anchoring options become more limited and offshore becomes way offshore. This has created a thriving market for super-yacht toys as billionaire owners need a fast way to get ashore without sacrificing luxury.

High speed tenders are the most efficient way for owners to shuttle back and forth from their boats and land. Tenders can also offer deliver power and luxury that rivals some motor yachts.

Endeavour 23m_4

Federico Fiorentino and designer Marijana Radovic have collaborated on a new 23 m tender that is quite possibly the ultimate super yacht accessory.

The Endeavor is a stunning example of modern design and cutting edge lines that provides a striking entrance when coming ashore.

6 passengers are whisked away it the utmost comfort with luxurious arm chairs and materials that deliver on the luxury experience.

Endeavour 23m_3

Multiple engine configurations propel the vessel to speeds of over 50 knots and a unique glass design offer clear views of the world as it passes by…quickly.

The latest technology in navigation, stability and entertainment are available in a fully configurable package to meet the owners needs.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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