THE BLACKBOOK: The F40 is born out of 40 years of Ferrari evolution

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The Ferrari F40 supercar holds 2 prestigious distinctions. It was designed and built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and it was the last car personally approved by Enzo Ferrari himself. To say that this is a ‘special’ car could be minimizing its stature in automotive history. The F40 is undeniably one of Ferrari’s greatest creations and is a testament to his passion for design and performance.


Ferrari had much success with the 288 GTO on and off the track but the design was aging and Maranello needed a new model to compete off the track with the likes of Porsche’s super high tech 959. Ferrari already had the performance and technology it needed from the final 5 288 GTO Evoluzione development cars and Pininfarina provided the stunning coachwork.

  “The greatest supercar the world had ever seen” – Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear

The F40 commanded at very high $400,000 price tag when it debuted in 1987 as this was Ferrari’s fastest and most powerful road car. While not exclusively built for racing, the F40 was called a race car for the streets. A super high performance twin turbo V8 that produced 478 horsepower was fitted under a Plexiglas hood. Advanced aerodynamics and a hydraulics system was included so the driver could adjust road clearance depending on conditions.


The F40 cabin is all business and saving weight will always lead to better performance. Luxury options and comforts are kept to a minimum as the cabin was designed to deliver the most exhilarating driving experience possible. Racing seats and harnesses are needed to keep the driver in place as this machine can take corners in the three digits. A trademarked slotted shift gate with black ball top shifter is all Ferrari.


Around 1300 F40’s were built during the model run and its legacy as Enzo Ferrari’s last personal design add to the mystique of this unique machine. A must have addition to any worthy car collection, this particular unit has only 27,000 kms with only 2 previous owners. All tools, books and documentation are available.


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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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