The Griffin has landed: Elegant styling and luxury craftsmanship is now accessible

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The luxury watch business is in state of flux. The double whammy of the growing popularity of connected smartwatches and global economic softness has put a damper on luxury watch brand sales.

On the flip side, auction house Philips continues to break pricing records for vintage Patek Philippe and Rolex timepieces.

The complex situation represents a good opportunity for accessible luxury brands to gain market share.

Griffin Emblem is a luxury watch maker that delivers stunning design, world class movement and excellent craftsmanship in an elegant accessible package.

TheTopTier was honored with the task of experiencing life with Griffin Emblem’s automatic powered 3rd Collection.

The experience starts with the beautifully trimmed case which has the Griffin Emblem logo boldly embossed in the centre. It opens smoothly and has a quality feel to it. Inside, each part is secure in its own spot and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity indicating by hand where this watch sits in the series.

The interchangeable leather strap adorns a luxury alligator grain pattern and utilizes a clever lever  to make changing straps fast and easy. Griffin Emblem offers additional strap colors and patterns on their website.

The 3rd Collection design includes a small plate on the site of the timepiece that can be engraved. A mini tool allows the owner to remove the plate to further customize the design.

The watch head itself is finished in classic black and feels substantial in the hand. The thickness is of luxury caliber yet is sized perfectly for any wrist. This watch compliments the finest suits as well that little black dress.

The watch face is protected by scratch proof sapphire crystal and gives off a sparkle with Swarovski crystal markers and the brand’s iconic griffin sits prominently at the 12 o’clock position. Polished metal hour and minute hands add a sporty element with luminol inserts.

Instead of a traditional second hand, twin circular cutaways at the bottom reveal the highly engineered movement and secondary visual marker for seconds that tick away.

Batteries are are not part of the design and the precision Japanese Miyota movement is completely automatic. The timepiece is self winding and will maintain consistent power with normal daily wear.

The 3rd Collection has a clear caseback revealing the intricate watch parts working together. The rugged build ensures the timepiece is waterproof to up to 5 atmospheres.

When it comes to luxury,  exclusivity is really the name of the game. Unfortunately for luxury brands, affluent consumers are more decisive with their disposable cash and are not so quick to hand over money just based on brand cachet.

Griffin Emblem crafts watches that check all the boxes for a luxury timepiece. Elegant and classic designs, exclusivity, highly engineered automatic movements and opulent straps deliver a true luxury watch experience at a reasonable cost.

Griffin Emblem timepieces are priced from $550 USD to $1600 USD with the 3rd Collection pricing in at $629 USD. Each series is offered in limited quantities enhancing the collectibility and desirability of these wrist watches.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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