The luxurious lifestyles of casino winners

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We hear so much in the news about lotto jackpot winners, but what about professional gamblers – those who walk away from top casinos with thousands or millions in cash? They are out there, and they’re living lifestyles the rest of us can only dream of. Let’s talk about what their lives are like now.

The luxurious lifestyles of casino winners Credit Moyan_Brenn
Credit Moyan_Brenn

Casino games aren’t just for the famous

Before we delve into the lifestyles and stories of some of the most famous casino players, remember that the beauty of casino games is that they’re open to everyone. That’s right, you can try your hand at the glamorous world of blackjack, slots or roulette, too, even if it’s just for fun. Before you head out to play with the big boys, see if you can hone your skills first with an online casino. 32Red is just one of a few sites you can try among those available for a UK mobile casino, and it allows you to play on the go, whether it’s Android or iOS. The casino games on this site are free to download and also come with a £32 bonus for every £20 you deposit. Some other online casinos you can try out include 7 Regal and Slotboss. Good luck!

The luxurious lifestyles of casino winners Credit L.C.Nøttaasen
Credit L.C.Nøttaasen

Champagne and celebrities: Don Johnson

A man who famously won over $15 million, Don Johnson is well known in casino circles. He’s also slightly notorious due to his winning methods. During the financial crisis in 2008, Johnson was enticed to play at high stakes Blackjack and before he agreed, he managed to negotiate some very favourable conditions for himself. One of the conditions was that he would be refunded 20% of his losses if they exceeded $500,000. He went on to win nearly $6 million at Atlantic City’s Tropicana casino, $5 million at The Borgata and $4 million at Ceasars. Today, Johnson has been reportedly banned from playing at Caesars, and his special conditions at The Borgata and Tropicana have been put to an end. Johnson seems to have had the last laugh, though, with a total of over $15.1 million to his name. He has since been seen partying with Jon Bon Jovi and Pamela Anderson, and is also known to have spent over $200,000 on drinks such as the champagne Armand de Brignac, a brand now owned by Jay-Z.

The luxurious lifestyles of casino winners Credit AMPhotography
Credit AMPhotography

Fast cars: Dan Bilzerian

No discussion of casino player’s lifestyles would be complete without mentioning some of the high earning poker players who frequent the world’s top casinos. Dan Bilzerian is one of them, and he’s worth a cool $150 million. Whilst Bilzerian has a number of side ventures, he states that around $50 million of his fortune has been made through playing professional poker. Since becoming a star in his own right, the player has gone on to become something of a social media sensation, with 1.3 million followers on Twitter and 14 million followers on Instagram, where he posts hundreds of pictures of himself surrounded by expensive cars and glamour models. He promotes himself as a playboy and earlier this year GQ magazine called him “Bruce Wayne-meets-Hugh Hefner for the social-media age.”

The luxurious lifestyles of casino winners Credit Travis Isaacs
Credit Travis Isaacs

Mansions in the sky: Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey, often called the world’s best poker player, is another casino professional whose lifestyle leaves people drooling. Last year, Ivey was interviewed in Playboy magazine, a piece which revealed a lot about his luxurious lifestyle. At just 23, it emerges, Ivey had amassed a “cushion” of poker winnings that totalled $200,000. However, he soon lost it in subsequent poker games. His relationship with money is different to most poker players, he says: money is seen not as a means to an end, but as an entryway into the highest stakes games. That’s not to say that he doesn’t spend his money outside of the casino though. In fact, the poker professional has his very own “mansion in the sky”, a luxury high rise apartment close to the Vegas strip that features its own screening room and designer furniture. In addition, Ivey has been with some great wheels including an Aston Martin, a Range Rover and a Rolls Royce. His team of staff includes a personal trainer, a bodyguard and his own master barber. If that isn’t luxury, we don’t know what is!

So, there you have it – a brief glimpse into the lives of some of the most glamorous and successful casino players. What kind of lifestyle would you have if you won big at the casino?

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