The luxury smart home – control through connectivity

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The explosion of mobile apps has opened up new worlds of connectivity that no other era has ever experienced. Mobile apps can literally transform any industry, product or service by engaging the user in real time.

When it comes to luxury, mobile apps are not only relevant, but necessary as affluent millennials are eager to early-adopt any new technologies that come to market.


Wealthy millennials are combining their love of technology with their love of real estate and have created the newest trend in luxury home design: The connected ‘smarthome’.

How can 4 walls be smart?

Terms like smarthome, home automation and connected home are used to describe a residential dwelling that has extended and enhanced technology that controls and manages certain elements of the home itself.

Environmental aspects such as climate would normally be controlled by a single interface such as a thermostat placed on a wall. Turning on music or heating up a spa would require the user to control those devices separately. A ‘smarthome’ allows owners to control all the features of their homes through one easy to use interface.

“Smarthome connectivity is the next big trend in residential home technology.” Leo Oliveira, Paradise Smart Homes, Toronto.

At the heart of a smarthome system is a centralized controller that acts as a hub. Controllers like the EA-5 from leading manufacturer Control4 allow luxury home owners connectivity to hundreds of smart ready devices. Top quality controllers such as the EA-5 also act as a sound and data processor delivering crystal clear pictures and sound when tethering high end audio and video equipment.

Control4 controllers

When the system is fully installed, critical and leisure home elements can be fully controlled remotely. Homeowners can optimize and manage functions such as:

  • Climate control
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Garage door openers
  • Security systems and video cameras
  • Whole home audio and video systems
  • Entry video and audio intercoms
  • Leisure equipment such as spas, saunas and hot tubs

“Luxury home owners and those with multiple properties can benefit from the current innovations on the market and take complete control of their homes easily via mobile devices and smartphones.” says Leo Oliveira, a consultant with Paradise Smart Homes, a leader in home automation located in Toronto.

It’s all about the GUI

Early adopters and wealthy techies will be comfortable working within the mobile app environment. Control4 employs familiar swipe and slide gestures in either iOS or Android platforms for fast and easy management of any property via smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere in the world. Smarthome control now extends to the popular Apple Watch with Control4’s new smartwatch app.

Control4 Apple Watch app
Control4 Apple Watch app

Affluent individuals who own multiple properties in their portfolio could greatly benefit from deploying smarthome technology. Having access to real time management, security and data functions regarding a 2nd or 3rd property would build peace of mind to owners who can’t be in 3 places at once.

Smarthome technology has exploded in recent years and now homeowners can take complete control of their luxury properties with the latest innovations and connectivity systems. Staying connected to a home in real time is now possible with high tech controller systems and hubs that deliver superb quality video, audio and data processing. Installing smarthome technology and home automation systems is a must for luxury homes as being on the cutting edge is on every affluent homeowners shopping list.

Control your luxury home through various devices
Control your luxury home through various devices

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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