The Rise of Luxury Footwear

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This year, there has been a real shift in focus from the casual to a more chic and sporty style for footwear. As the “athleisure” trend takes centre stage, footwear trends have followed suit, but instead of the everyday trainer look, new fashion boundaries are being established, and the more luxurious styles are being introduced into the everyday look. Trainers have been having their moment in the fashion sun for quite some time now, and they do not seem to be going anywhere soon, so here is the latest on the more luxury alternative to footwear…

Future style predictions:

Throughout the seasons, the fashion runways, red carpets, and high profile events have been laden with celebrities and influencers wearing trainers, to give more of an edge to their overall looks. Now that trainers have broken into the more high-profile fashion world, a more luxury alternative has become almost imperative. Expect to see a versatile approach to the different styles of trainers available, and the usual aesthetic being switched up for suede, snakeskin, real leather and even fur. In this revolutionary fashion approach, a juxtaposition of formal and informal styles have married and created a comfy, yet luxurious look.

The evolution of luxury footwear:

The biggest sportswear and trainers brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Converse, are being changed for the more high-end designer brands such as Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and Android Homme, who provide a more luxurious alternative to the everyday footwear essential. As casual footwear styles become more elegant and extravagant, it is becoming even more acceptable to swap heels and uncomfortable shoes for a much more appealing alternative – forget the slogan “fashion is pain”, in this instance, fashion is a combination of style and comfort.

Getting the style right:

The “athleisure” and “sports luxe” styles make up the majority of this season’s fashion focus, and this has been massively assisted by celebrity collaborations, ideas, and endorsements. Surprisingly, the brand Adidas has been going above and beyond the sportswear boundaries to cater for those who expect a more luxurious look. Initially, their collaboration remained with the brilliant Stella McCartney, who heralded the way with superior, high-end athletic wear. Kanye West is now following closely behind in her footsteps and has created the exclusive footwear brand “Yeezys”, which are known to be some of the most sought after and coveted designs throughout the fashion world.

With celebrity influence in a seemingly ordinary design, true luxury can be achieved, and with the growing interest in the style, there truly is no knowing how big the luxury trainer trend will become.

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