The rugged highlands of Scotland inspire luxury skincare for men – STOER

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Let’s face it. The luxury business has lost some of its luster over the last few years and many categories are seeing major slowdowns as affluent millennials choose to spend their disposable dollars on ‘improvements to the soul’. It’s no wonder that luxury travel and experiences are one of those bright spots in the luxury landscape.

Another possible shining star in the luxury biz comes from the male side of the buying group. Men’s luxury fashion continues to buck the trend with year after year growth separating itself from the overall softness of the luxury fashion category. Perhaps boy millennials figure a finely cut suit qualifies as ‘soul improvements’. Either way, men’s renewed interest in soul and style spills over into the grooming category and the luxury skin care segment is suggested to be the next big frontier for male luxury products.

Looking good in tough climates has always been a challenge for guys. Fou fou French creams and balms hardly inspire confidence when your face is subject to wind, snow, wet snow, rain, freezing rain and glaring sun all in the same day. But what about a solution that was developed in harsh climates with ingredients from harsh climates?

Introducing STOER, a new luxury skincare line that was designed specifically for men to help protect and rejuvenate their faces from the ravages of Mother Nature.

The STOER brand was engineered in the unforgiving highlands of Scotland by beauty therapist Marianne Morrison and includes a full range of facial products that offer the ultimate protection and enhancements for the skin.

At the core of STOER is the unique Clima5™ formulation which takes plant based ingredients from 5 of the most extreme climate regions in the world. The matrix does double duty of making the skin look and feel amazing while protecting it from environmental elements such as pollution and extreme weather.

STOER differentiates itself from other mass market products in the way that it does its job. A unique ‘Cosmetic Drone’ delivery system takes microbes of active ingredients beneath the skin where it can offer the most benefits. The result is longer lasting protection and more noticeable improvements in facial areas.

The STOER line consists of all the products needed for complete facial skincare and protection:

  • Firm & Protect Serum (50ml)
  • Detox Face Scrub (75ml),
  • Energizing Eye Serum (15ml)
  • Vitamin Power Mask (75ml)
  • Foaming Face Wash (150ml)

STOER is an accessible luxury priced between £27 and £40. Available exclusively at Harvey Nichols in London or directly from STOER.

By Doron Levy, Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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