The Success Story of Waiakea Water

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Waiakea water has seen success in several key ways since the company was founded back in 2012. The company has seen praise for its environmental efforts as well as success in the growth of its business model. No matter how you approach it, Waiakea water is certainly a story of success.

One of the most immediate ways that the company has shown success has been in its remarkable growth. Waiakea Water has grown 4000% since it was founded in 2012. This growth rate is especially remarkable when you consider the fact that the whole company was founded by a twenty two year old from Hawaii. The average growth rate of the company since its founding per year has been 170%- a very impressive number when compared to some of its competitors.

However, it is the age of the company’s founder that has been so shocking and the reason that the company’s success has been so impressive. Ryan Emmons was only twenty two years old when the company was founded. According to him, the bottled water industry is really a game designed for older players. He says that the majority of CEOs in the business are upwards of fifty years old. While this may have been enough to turn away many young people, Ryan Emmons, alongside a handful of other young bottled water executives, always persisted. He says that he had to band together with some of the younger industry leaders because he really did not have a choice and it was hard to be taken seriously at first. However, it is hard to not take a company seriously when it experiences the kind of growth his has. Waiakea Water has recently been valued at around $10 million. That is a serious amount of cash for such a young entrepreneur who had a hard time breaking into the industry in the first place on account of his young age. However, numbers do not lie, and it is impossible to say that Emmons has not done well for himself at his age.

Finally, Waiakea Water has seen great success in the product alone. The water that Waiakea Water sells has been naturally filtered through volcanic rock from Mauna Loa. The water oftentimes originates in the snowy peaks of the mountainous volcano, or comes down to the volcano from the sky in the form of precipitation. The water then naturally filters itself through the volcanic rock on the island, filling the water with nutrients and vitamins like potassium and calcium that the body needs in order to stay healthy. The water that is sold by Emmons is a far cry from the standard bottled water that you would find in many supermarkets around the world. The health benefits of drinking Waiakea Water make up just one aspect of the overall success of this constantly growing company.

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