The Top Luxury Cars and Accessories on the Market

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In the market for a luxury car? Then you’re definitely thinking beyond how much it gets to the gallon and any future monthly payments. In fact, superior performance, a gorgeous exterior and an interior that’s so comfortable and quiet you never want to leave likely top your list of must-haves.

With countless options on the market from which to choose, check out some of the following best-in-class luxury cars and the accessories that put them over the top.

Luxury Cars

There are multiple dream-worthy, luxury cars in every class, but here are four of the highest-rated that deliver on every level: performance, looks and comfort.

1. The Sports Car: McLaren 720S

McLaren is known for its lightweight, precisely engineered, aerodynamic supercars, and with a 710-horsepower twin-turbo 4.0 liter V-8 engine, this latest model delivers in countless ways. In addition to its blistering speed and silky-smooth handling, the McLaren 720S also features the most attractive body and comfortable interior — truly a mix of technical race prowess and luxury leather amenities — in the company’s storied history.

2. The Sedan: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class offers everything you want in a luxury sedan and more. The exterior is timeless, and the comfort of the interior — featuring high-quality materials, classic styling and perks like heated armrests — is unmatched. The standard E-Class comes with a 241-horsepower engine, while the high-performance AMG E63S model boasts a 603-horsepower V8 engine under the hood.

3. The Hybrid/Electric: Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S isn’t just highly rated for a luxury electric car; it’s a large, superior luxury car in its own right. The outstanding performance is coupled with the longest driving range of any electric car and a comfortable — almost every surface is plush — and high-tech interior.

4. The SUV/Crossover: Audi Q7

When buying an SUV or crossover, you’re looking for room and comfort, both of which are major selling points for the new Audi Q7. In fact, this luxury crossover comes with all the latest bells and whistles, including best-in-infotainment features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But what’s most surprising about the Q7 is that it pairs these offerings with a responsiveness not often found in an SUV.


A luxury vehicle should offer virtually every feature under the sun that you could want in a comfortable ride. However, there are a few accessories that will help take even the most luxurious ride over the top.

1. Comfort Tires

In terms of quiet and comfort, there’s nothing more important than your tires. Indeed, a good set of tires will help complement the performance engineering of your luxury car and enhance the overall driving experience. Just take a look at Ironman tires. In particular, the high-performance, all season iMove model is made with luxury cars in mind, offering solid traction and performance and, most importantly, a smooth, comfortable ride.

2. High-End Speakers

What’s the first thing any audiophile thinks about when they’re in the market for a new car? The stereo system. As wonderful as your luxury car’s standard stereo may be — and many of them are actually quite sophisticated — there’s always room for an upgrade. Aftermarket speakers will always improve your sound quality. With that in mind, do your research on some of the more popular brand speakers, including Alpine, Infinity and Kicker, to determine which makes the most sense for your car.

3. Car Covers

When you own a luxury vehicle, you’ll want to do anything in your power to protect it. Keep your car looking like the day you drove it off the lot with both an indoor and outdoor custom car cover. With that in mind, make sure to purchase a custom-fit outdoor cover that’s UV- and water-resistant — it will protect your car from the elements — as well as an indoor cover that protects your car from dust and moisture.

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