TheTopTier reveals the best luxury sharing economy services

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The sharing economy has exploded in markets as a different way of marketing services and acquiring capacity for just about anything. The sharing economy has its roots in the luxury business and the category has seen an explosion of services and apps coming to market and just about anything can be ordered on-demand via some sort of mobile device. TTT looks at the top 5 most relevant services for technologically minded upper cruster’s:

UBER Black / Select

UBER reminds us of that cliche that any press is good press. It’s mainstream UBER X service is taking the world by storm offering low cost and efficient alternative to taxi and public transit but did you know that UBER started solely as a luxury car service for hire?

UBER Black was the original ridesharing service offer businesspeople and socialites an on demand black car service. Users were assured a late model luxury class car with leather interior and working A/C would whisk them quickly from one meeting or club to another in a cashless and tipless transaction.

UBER still offers it’s black car service under the SELECT option in some markets but Corollas and Civics that make up the UBER X fleet are now the backbone of the company.

BOOK: Cadillac subscription service

Not many associate GM with innovation but the reality is that GM actually brings mainstream technology to vehicles first and invests the most in R&D. Touchscreens were first seen on Buick Rivieras back in the 1980’s as GM would deploy the latest technology among its near luxury and luxury brands.

In an effort to capitalize on the sharing economy, its Cadillac division will be introducing BOOK, a true vehicle subscription service. Users will be able to pay a set fee per month and have access to various class of Cadillacs as per their tiered plan. Cadillac indicates that BOOK will be an all in plan that includes insurance and gas and maintenance with no mileage restrictions. No need to ask your uncle for a ride to the country club anymore.

BOOK is in pre-launch and is currently accepting inquires for their waitlist.


Number 3 comes from our frequent contributor and luxury villa specialist Wolf Worster and he agrees that sharing services are the wave of the future in the luxury category.

“HomeAway is great example of one of the early players in the homesharing market and were one of the first to offer upper tier homes and luxury villas across a sharing network. Listings are available via their homepage or a mobile app which speaks to affluent millennial’s who are looking for a more localized but luxurious experience when traveling.” says Wolf.

Luxury property owners can gain worldwide marketing exposure through HomeAway’s sharing network and marketing elements.


Boatsetter takes the sharing economy to the water offering localized and on demand yacht rentals. Whether on a whim or a pre-planned journey, users can hire yachts of any size via Boatsetter’s amazingly easy web portal. Images are plentiful and locations and departure points are easy to find. Filtering results is fast and easy with one click boxes appearing along the top.

Users can find charters, crewed ships, event boats and everything in between at the well populated service. Boat owners have a handy mobile app at their disposal which streamlines the checkin and checkout process and vessel inspections making this sharing service easy to use on both ends of the platform.

EatWith – localized chef and foodie matching service

For all those millennials looking for localized culinary experience, EatWith provides an extensive sharing platform matching up diners looking for new adventures with local hosts, chefs and food entrepreneurs who offer a real in home or culturally specific dining experience.

Inputting a few pieces of information on EatWith’s well laid out website reveals a cornucopia of unique and exciting food opportunities. Living local meets cutting edge technology!

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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