Tips for Enjoying Your Luxury Home and Making It Your Escape From the Ordinary

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Maintaining Your Retreat from the Rest of the World

Let’s face it, maintenance is not an exciting subject. However, just as with maintaining your car, lawn mower or anything else that you wish to keep going for long, your house needs upkeep. There are simple things such as periodically replacing batteries in the smoke detectors and the filter in the air conditioning that most of us can handle ourselves. Then, there are those maintenance items that the heartier among of us may still do ourselves but that many may wish to call in a professional for. You spent a lot of money on your luxury home, so you will want to keep it looking good, and for this reason, painting has to be done periodically on both the interior and exterior. You also want to avoid water damage to the biggest investment most of us will ever have, so regular cleaning of the gutters and downspouts as well as checking the roof for any missing shingles or other problems is critical. Periodically checking the caulking around tubs and showers and the pipes throughout the home also helps prevents water related trouble.

You May Want to Consider a Warranty

Just as insurance covers your house itself in the event of fire or other damage, a good home warranty covers the repair or replacement of major components or appliances within your home. The more you have invested in your home, the more important it is to look at the options available in a home warranty. Chances are that if you have a luxury home, then you have more upscale systems and appliances in that home. This means that their repair will be cost prohibitive if something major breaks during a lull in your finances. A regular periodic payment for a home warranty is much simpler to work into a financial plan than the sudden expenditures that can occur when the inevitable happens, and you’re not covered.

Renovating and Remodeling Tips

Now that we got the boring stuff to protect yourself out of the way, here comes the fun part. Especially after newly acquiring a home, we can get the urge to transform it into exactly how we want it to be. Remodeling can be fun. You may just decide you want to redo a bedroom, or perhaps you are more ambitious and want to renovate the kitchen. This is more complicated since appliances and plumbing fixtures enter the picture. However, when it comes to remodeling that brings a high return when you resell the house someday, nothing beats updating bathrooms or the kitchen. Adding new fixtures, flooring or appliances that make this room look more modern will make you happy now while you are living in it and at the time you sell it. Make sure that you only hire a licensed and insured contractor with impeccable references because only work that is done right will yield both lifestyle and home value benefits.

One trend that is growing quickly is that of etched glass. Etched glass offer all the benefits of windows and the privacy of shades. Many luxury homes will customize their etched glass to match the owner’s personality.

Don’t Neglect the Great Outdoors While at Home

One great attraction of owning a house over an apartment or condo is having a yard. Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. Lawn maintenance is a minimal standard in this regard, but there is plenty of room for creativity in landscaping with the potential for adding bushes, plants and perhaps even trees to beautify your property. In addition to this, adding a deck or gazebo out back can increase the outdoor living and entertaining potential of your home. Another good addition that ramps the fun up in the summer months is a swimming pool. Any kids you have will definitely appreciate this home addition.

The aforementioned ideas are just a few tips and things to think about for someone who is proud of their beautiful luxury home and want to both keep it in good shape and maybe even make it more livable. There are other considerations as well that haven’t been mentioned. One is certainly security. Ample outdoor lighting is not only an excellent idea for personal safety in terms of being able to see clearly when heading up the walkway to your front door, but light also discourages criminals. A home security system is another idea to seriously consider to help keep your family safe. Hopefully, with just a little maintenance as well as creativity, ingenuity and planning on your part, you can make your house a luxurious escape from the pressures of the workaday world and a place you’ll be happy to call home.


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