Tips for getting the most out of a luxury long term cruising adventure

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It’s the dream that so many of us have – to cast of the shackles of this oppressive, land-dwelling society that we live in and among, and to take to the high seas – preferably on a catamaran that’s fully decked out and furnished with the most luxurious of fittings. Now, before you start madly Googling catamarans for sale, you might just want to take a look at this list on the top five things to keep in mind before you head off on a long term cruising trip. Knowing what you’re going to be coming up against is the number one way to stay sane – so we’ve compiled this list in the hopes that it helps you to keep your wits about you – even as you’re practicing using your pants as an emergency floatation device and wondering about how good you’re going to be at fishing.

Make sure your yacht is a good one

This is probably front and centre in your mind as you’re picturing yourself gliding across the waves and cruising around the Greek Islands. You probably haven’t imagined you and your crew failing spectacularly or breaking down as you’re pulling into harbour. That’s because nobody wants to fail or break down. The fastest way around breaking down is to make sure that the yacht or vessel that you have is sound and has been tested mechanically. You could get around this by chartering a boat, because then you don’t have to worry about breaking down or fixing the boat.

Your sanity is important

When you’re out on the open ocean it’s important that you know that for stretches of time, you’re going to be without technology or entertainment. So make sure that you pack plenty of books and activities to do – especially if you’re travelling with kids. You need to be able to keep your mind entertained, so you don’t go stir crazy.

You’d better get used to eating fish

When you’re out on the open ocean, a big part of your diet is going to consist of fish. That makes sense. You don’t exactly have a 7-11 at your disposal to go and grab a bag of chips from… Truly though, part of the whole sailing experience is eating the freshest possible fish, plucked straight from the ocean and grilled ever so lightly on an open flame. Yum.

The real world will never be the same again

After spending potentially months (if not years) at sea, you need to be aware that the real world with its cars, roads and restrictions might never seem the same to you again. You’re going to experience something truly incredible spending time on the open water and communing with

You need to think about water

No, not just sea water – you’re going to be thinking about your drinking and washing water. If you don’t have a water maker, then you might consider investing in one, simply for the ease and convenience of having to never worry about portable water again. If not, then you’re going to be carrying a whole lot of extra weight and worrying about where to get water from…

Hopefully these five tips on things to consider before setting off on a long term sailing adventure have made you just that tiny bit better prepared for your upcoming sailing trip. Don’t forget to pack plenty of books – and then after that, the hardest thing you’re going to have to do is figure out whether you’re going to spend three weeks or four weeks cruising around the Greek Islands… Ah, decisions, decisions… It’s a tough life, ain’t it?

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