Top 10 Most Luxurious Beauty Products in the World

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Beauty and skincare are incredibly important, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that men and women all over the world go out of their way to find products which will make their skin stay young for as long as possible. Everyone knows that sometimes you have to pay a bit more to get the best products, and sometimes the amount of money you’re expected to put aside for a luxurious beauty product can be really high. We’ve prepared a list of ten most luxurious and rather costly beauty products in the world.

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

Azature is a famous jewellery couturier who decided to produce a nail polish so expensive that it’s ridiculous. Imagine a nail polish infused with real black diamonds. 267 carats of them! It costs mind-blowing $250,000 per bottle, and the fact that it’s still produced speaks volumes. The Azature Black Diamond nail polish can be obtained worldwide, yet it’s sold privately in their headquarters in Los Angeles California.

Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion

Speaking of diamonds, Natura Bissé, a famous Spanish beauty brand, made a special serum called Diamond Life Infusion that costs over $600. It is said that the lifting effect it provides is immediate and that your facial contours will be redefined.

Theodent 300 Whitening Crystal Mint Toothpaste

Theodent produced a toothpaste which will make all others seem insignificant. For $140 per tube, you will be able to brush your teeth with a paste made of an extract of chocolate, Rennou™, which is a patented compound. It is claimed that this toothpaste whitens teeth and stimulates the growth of new enamel.

Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Booster Treatment Kit

We all know how important oxygen is, so Adore cosmetics launched a microdermabrasion kit that will help restore oxygen to your skin cells. Believe it or not, even with a price well over $3,000, the kit is currently sold out!

La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

Dr. Max Huber dedicated years to research in hopes of finding ingredients and creating a product that would be able to heal and restore damaged skin. Crème de la Mer uses fermented sea kelp rich in nutrients and it costs more than $2500.

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Crème

Green tea is truly a miracle product that does wonders for our metabolism, skin and our overall health. Time Response Skin Renewal Crème from Amore Pacific costs $400 and contains essential oil of green tea flowers which are grown on company’s own green tea fields. The crème is an antioxidant bomb which will restore your skin’s youthful glow.

OROGOLD 24K Cleopatra Nano Regime

Modern-day skincare meets Cleopatra’s beauty regime in OROGOLD 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen set. Three products designed to work together to diminish fine lines and wrinkles on your skin cost $8,000 and you will get a serum, a cream, and eight gold sheet you should massage directly in your skin using the serum.

Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream

Chantecaille Nano Gold Cream contains real 24-carat gold and costs more than $400. Cream uses nanoparticles of gold which are bound to silk microfiber (protein) and the effect is both nurturing and healing to the skin.

LuvoLife Premium Marine Collagen

Collagen is something our skin lacks as we age, and it’s the reason why so many serums and creams contain collagen and ingredients meant to boost our skin’s natural ability to make it. For about $100 per bottle, you can get LuvoLife best Premium Marine and Fish Collagen from the scales and skins of deep-sea fish. This is a type 1 collagen and the recommended dosage is 2 or 3 servings a day.

Chanel Precision Sublimage Serum Essential Regenerating Cream, $375

Chanel really knows how to make women feel special. Their regenerating cream costs more than $300 and contains planifolia PFA. This is their most expensive cream contains vanilla rich in antioxidants, which is grown and harvested on Madagascar.


You must agree that not all of these are necessary, but when it comes to staying young and beautiful, there isn’t a price that’s too high, especially when you’re sure that you’re getting top-quality products made of the finest ingredients. When you’re looking for a special product to treat yourself, one of these will surely make you feel like you’re giving yourself royal treatment.

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