Top Tips for a Warm and Welcoming Hotel Style Guest Room

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Welcoming guests into your home is always exciting, especially when they’re staying for a while. Not only does it give you the perfect opportunity to design a beautiful guest room to make them feel at home and welcome, but you also get to spend quality time with your favourite people in the comfort of your own home! It’s really beneficial to design a welcoming room for them to stay in, as you want them to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout their stay with you.

The Main Feature

Every room has a main feature, and in the guest room you want your main feature to be the bed. Beds are, more often than not, the largest feature in the room, which therefore gives you plenty of options to play around and create a stunning focal point. Most rooms have the bedroom positioned central, to create a statement feature within the room and draw everything together to this one point. Making the guest bed stand out is going to really help with making the room feel welcoming, as there’s nothing more inviting than a huge bed covered in snuggly pillows and throws. Provide your guests with a snuggly set up, including high quality bedding, some additional scatter cushions for added comfort and, of course, some cosy blankets in case they get cold.

The Right Tone

You don’t want your guest bedroom to be too over the top when it comes to the décor, as you want to create the perfect atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Dark oak furniture is perfect for giving a room a dramatic touch, without going too dark with the rest of the décor. Dark features are perfect for giving bold touches to the room, whilst keeping a fresh, open feel. You can then dress your furniture pieces with stunning items such as silver candle holders and photo frames and so on. Once you introduce a certain tone through your furniture, you need to ensure the décor balances out the colour and light and creates that welcoming feel. Try to use lighter colours for your décor when working with darker furniture items, as this will create the perfect balance and look stunning.

Warm Touches

Bedrooms are often made up of the same furniture every time, the basic bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and so on. Whilst these basics are essentials, there are some warm touches that you can add to the décor to give it more character and bring it to life. Rugs are the perfect touch, especially if you have wooden flooring, as it creates a soft, warm feel and provides comfort under foot. Similarly, curtains are ideal for dressing the windows and adding a little more to that area of the room. You also find that curtains are ideal for adding a little privacy to the room and making sure your guests feel at home and relaxed. Finally, you could look at adding some delicate scents to the room, whether that’s with incense, candles or a diffuser, as this will fill the room with a lovely scent that will make the room feel inviting and warm.

The Perfect Host

When your guests come to visit, they’ll probably have restricted themselves when it came to packing, so it’s always really nice to add some essential items to the room just in case they need them during their stay. Your guests may be afraid to ask for a phone charger, extra toilet roll or even some magazines to read, so try to provide them with a variety of items for them to use throughout their stay. You could even go as far as adding some glasses for them to have water on an evening, maps of the local area in case they want to explore and even some extra toothpaste, just in case!

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