Transform Your Backyard Into a Lap of Luxury

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Superb backyard

If you appreciate the luxurious design, detail and furnishings of a home, you don’t want to stop at the back door. As the weather gets warmer and summer parties and events hosted at your home abound, designing an upscale backyard should be a top priority.

If you’re looking to take your backyard living space from ordinary to extraordinary, read on for some of the hottest trends in luxury backyard living.

Modern Era

If you have a taste for opulence, design your backyard with a modern flair. This includes clean lines, elegant features, monochromatic color schemes of white, black, gray and beige and crisp fabrics.

Include a pool that has clean, straight lines. A trendy option is a swimming pool with an invisible edge (otherwise known as an infinity pool) that exacerbates the modern appeal.

Grass tile is another way to incorporate crisp lines into your design. These increasingly popular outdoor grids of grass and plants offer a geometric layout to your yard that perfectly accompanies your landscape finishes.

Use plants and flowers as a border to heighten the modern appeal. If your backyard is particularly large, divide it into several spaces with partitions, bamboo walls or tall hedging.

Natural Beauty

If you prefer a natural look in your backyard, create a space that is full of organic materials, curvy designs and warm tones of brown, sienna, orange and brick. Organic gardens that are full of flowers, vegetables and herbs offer a practical yet refined feature as well.

Celebrities like Patrick Dempsey are fans of organic yard details. He set aside a space in the yard of his Malibu mansion for raised flower and vegetable beds that are made of reclaimed materials for a rustic look.

Furniture and Decor

Water elements can offer a tranquil and refreshing appeal or a dramatic flair. Swimming pools, fountains, ponds and lagoons are a stately addition to the most luxurious of yards. A statuesque fountain offers a magical vibe for your oasis, whereas lighted geysers put on a show of their own. If you’re opting for a private, secluded space, a lagoon lined with a canopy of trees provides a calm setting.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, think comfort and style. Magnificent outdoor couches, sofas, chaise lounges and side tables make outdoor living just as brilliant as it is inside of your home.

Don’t forget to shade your living space, either. Cantilever patio umbrellas are durable and functional and provide shade from the sun’s harmful rays. For custom shading, tilt patio umbrellas are ideal for groups of people because the hinged pole and easy rotation let you adjust it according to where the sun is at that time of day.

Once your backyard captures your style, personality and preferences, it will be the perfect place to host parties with friends and family or to simply enjoy an evening under the stars.

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