Transform Your Home With Favorite Tricks From Top Designers

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According to Homes to Love, a good interior designer will make you a braver decorator than you would be without their help. Great designers also focus on the big picture as much as the details to create a look you love to live in.

In reality, there is no single road map to design success; it often requires an infusion of individual preferences, personality and design sense to pull of a look you love. Fortunately, there are plenty of industry veterans who have seen trends rise and fall flat, and walked away with best practices for quality interior design. Ready to transform your home? Get favorite tricks from top designers to capture your dream look for your home.

Start your day in luxury

New York-based designer Susana Simonpietri, the creative director or Chango & Co, recommends starting your day in a room you love to lift your spirit. For most of us, the first place we go after rolling out of bed is to hit the shower and get ready for our day.

Overhaul your bathroom into a soothing, luxury room. Simonpietri worked on a master bath and overhauled its dark look with soothing gray, a large shower stall and additional storage complemented with sleek marble countertops. Take her cue by using white, gray or light paint that complements the countertops and fixtures in your bathroom. Add a chaise lounge or vanity stool with a deep cushion and wicker baskets to store personal effects and towels to complete your look.

Give your windows a splash of color

Don’t neglect your windows in your interior design overhaul. Designer Meg Braff recommends adding window trims with a splash of color to help make a statement. Consider a pop of green or black to bring life to your window treatments.

Combine the window trim trick with the right curtains or drapes to transform a short or awkwardly sized window into an elegant addition to your room. For example, hang long, colorful drapes from just below the ceiling to make short windows look long and elegant.

Display your prized possessions

Dig out your most prized possessions and use them as a focal point for your interior design. Designer Bunny Williams encourages people to use and display unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like a bathroom, to give it a personal touch and feel.

Add seashells and colorful rocks to a bowl or display in your bathroom to freshen up your look. Or try antique maps and cordial glasses to display in your home office or den. Even your laundry room could benefit from an update with a collection of travel postcards or antique linens in a shabby chic picture box.

Create tranquility

Ending your day in soothing luxury can transform the way you feel about a good night’s sleep. Designer Delphine Krakoff recommends splurging on sheet sets and soothing whites, shades of beige and pale grays for your bedroom.

Pile your bed with luxurious down pillows, accents and bedside candles to soften your room and bring back the romance. Add soft accent lights with dimmers, sconces and table lamps to illuminate your bedroom. Flowing window treatments may soften your room, but be sure to use adequate shades or curtains to keep early morning daylight to a minimum.

Break the rules

Designer Billy Baldwin insists the first rule about decorating is that you can break almost all other rules. Take that to heart and indulge in your desire to mix patterns and colors if that ultimately makes your spirit soar. Or try adding splashes of color and quirky patterns to rooms that need it most. That cheetah print rug you love could give your dull home office the punch of personality it needs. Add leather chairs and solid window treatments to anchor your look and bring life back to your home.

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