Turn Your Tired Beach House Into a Modern Seaside Oasis

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Just about everyone has a dream to own a second home on the beach. What’s better than a seaside getaway you can visit on weekends and on vacation? However, if you have a beach house that you don’t visit all the time, it can easily get a little run down and out of date. And you don’t want it to feel like a cheesy tropical hotel room. Revamp your oceanside home with some decor updates and modern home style to still get that beachy feel without going overboard.

Add an Indoor Water Feature

Sure, you may be only a few hundred yards from the sea, but bringing the water inside your house can add a spa-like feel to your vacation home. Many interior designers are using water features to balance elements in homes and make a more tranquil atmosphere. According to Decoist, feng shui designers suggest bringing in elements of water, stone, glass and metal to make a balanced theme. Plus, indoor water features can naturally cool a room that otherwise stays warm.

Make It Colorful, but Don’t Overdo It

Nothing says beach getaway like bright summery colors. But a common mistake is adding too many colors and themes that end up clashing. If you start with a bright white or other neutral base color, adding pops of pastel colors creates a beachy and elegant aesthetic. Coastal Living beautiful waterfront suite with ocean viewsmagazine features a home with a blue and orange color palette on the rugs and accent decor, while using neutrals for the sofa and other large pieces of furniture. This brightly-colored rug also protects against damage and wear from sand and other seaside elements.

Brighten It up With Modern Window Treatments

Tropical-printed curtains don’t exactly say elegant beach house. Plus, long curtains can make living rooms and bedrooms look dark and smaller than they actually are. Update your windows to a more modern window treatment that lets in more natural light to brighten up the whole house and make rooms look open and inviting. One popular option is light-filtering roller shades. According to The Shade Store, these window shades let in natural light, give you privacy and reduce glare. They are available in a variety of materials and several styles.

Incorporate Rustic Wood Furniture

Ditch the overplayed wicker furniture that is found in every seaside home and go with a more rustic feel. Create a complementary and eclectic look with big, dark pieces of furniture with bright, beachy accents. Rustic chic decor is more popular than ever, and adding some pieces bring a woodsy feel to your beach getaway. You can even use materials that are reminiscent of the ocean, such as driftwood, palm or reclaimed boat wood.

Mix Outdoor With Indoor

If you own a home by the beach, you spend a lot of time in the sand, water and sun. Inevitably, the outside elements make their way inside the house. You need to choose furniture and decor that won’t be ruined by a little sand and saltwater. Country Living magazine suggests integrating some outside furniture, rugs and decor inside your living room or entry way so a wet swimsuit or dirty flip flops won’t ruin your cushions. Weather resistant furniture may be designed for outside use, but some higher-end pieces still look right at home inside your newly-decorated beach house.

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