UK Art Scene: Extraordinary year for English landscape painter

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BREXIT may be rearing its head again in the press but The UK continues to be the centre of most things including culture and art.

Caroline Hall is having a smashing year as her works see increased exposure and presence among London’s important art scene. Read the official press release from CITRINE PR:

Caroline Hall is enjoying the sort of year that every artist dreams of. A prestigious solo show at a major UK public art gallery and a collection of seascapes that have nearly sold out within 3 months of exhibition. This English artist, based in the famous old cathedral city of Winchester, has a modern take on landscape. She paints on aluminium panels that are made specially for her, and her easily recognizable style includes sanding, drilling and scratching back into the metal so that the surface glints and sparkles in the light.

Southampton City Art Gallery, which holds the most important collection of contemporary art outside London, invited Caroline to launch a series of solo exhibitions by regional artists. Inspired by the Hampshire countryside, the artist’s early works, such as Autumn, were triggered by film shot out of car and train windows. These split second glimpses of scenery are stretched across the surface of the aluminium in streaks of vivid color and capture a lasting impression of a landscape speeding past in a blur of speed.

Alongside her Hampshire Views, Caroline has worked on a series of paintings inspired by a journey on the London Underground. This Tube Journey series began life as a random film shot with the artist’s phone on London’s Circle Line. A single frame from the video is used as a starting point and the painting is developed from that split second image. Paintings such as Arriving Liverpool Street and Tower Hill to Aldgate represent a flash of landscape, not one you would normally notice from the train but one that can have its own unique beauty. Cement, bricks, pipework and cables when the train comes above ground; a flash of colour as the train arrives at the station, these are paintings that have a unique quality thanks to the material they are painted on.

2017 has not only been about Hampshire Landscapes. Caroline was also invited to hold a solo show celebrating the glorious coast of Jersey in the Channel Islands. The family home is above one of the best known surfing beaches in the islands and the artist produced a collection of work on aluminium and board which clearly reflects her love of the sea. A recent exhibitor at the now internationally recognized Other Art Fair in London, Caroline’s work has been in such demand that she is already having to work on a new collection of seascapes.

But this is an artist who is constantly looking for new ways to express her love of landscape. Her paintings, exploring surface, subject and material refuse to stay still. Look at her paintings of the Yorkshire Wolds, Hawthorn Hedge and Distant Trees, and almost every brush mark is visible. Alpine Trees, a reflection of a journey through the Alps late one evening is a chorus of paint dabs and scratches that capture a true sense of trees and snow without resorting to the literal. Bluebells and October Wood, Caroline’s two largest paintings to date, immerse the viewer in colour. They are statement works that celebrate the English seasons, full of texture, movement and of course, the artist’s trademark drill lines.

It has been an extraordinary year for Caroline Hall and one which is not escaping the art world’s notice. The artist has featured in several publications and will be exhibiting once again at The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London from October 19th-22nd. If you cannot make it to the fair then hurry along to her website and invest in this highly collectible artist

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