Ultimate extravagant kitchens for luxury lovers

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There is more than a touch of luxury associated with anything that’s individually designed and hand crafted rather than ‘off the shelf,’ and this is just as true for kitchens as it is for any other room in your home. If you love a bit of extravagant living and revel in a comfortable yet state of the art kitchen, here are a few ideas to whet your appetite for exotic future plans.

For entertaining in style

Aim for a kitchen that is fully loaded with gadgets and appliances from the absolute latest and greatest range. When you entertain guests in your home or apartment, you may well hand the kitchen over to a bespoke caterer or a hired chef, and they will expect top of the range equipment. Many designers today incorporate a butler’s pantry into their kitchen designs. This is a sort of secondary kitchen that’s especially useful when catering for a larger party, according to Veranda, House Beautiful and Elle Décor magazines from the Hearst design group.

Among the most popular gadgets are those that offer added value, such as wine refrigeration, multiple dishwashing facilities and cappuccino makers. According to Sotheby’s, expensive products in a kitchen are an indication that the rest of your home is similarly well equipped and furnished, especially if you have a high-end property in the Hamptons or a similar location.

For the ultimate décor

How your gadgets are housed does, of course, make all the difference. Some homeowners opt for clean, contemporary lines – all sleek shiny surfaces and stainless steel appliances backed by subway-style tiles. Period residences can present different challenges, but even these can be modernized with fixtures such as handmade special shape shutters for windows and large-scale bespoke fittings such as a grandiose and extremely handsome kitchen island.

White kitchens continue to be on trend at the moment, and paler floorboards really open up a kitchen space and make it feel bigger. Strangely (it may seem) some of the colors so popular in the 1970s, such as avocado, are making a comeback for kitchen cabinets (definitely not for bathroom suites, so far).

In fact, solid blocks of color are really making an impact, especially if you opt for the ultimately luxurious and elegantly fashionable Popstahl kitchen units. These are made of a fusion of concrete with steel, and they come in an extraordinary range of colors – avocado, basil, lemon, mint, olive and tomato, for example. This look is very much suited to a contemporary apartment with a post-industrial feel, such as a converted factory or mill.

For finishing touches

Finally, the little things that give your kitchen that extra touch of luxury are often the simplest: think fresh flowers every day on your countertops; elegant or wildly extravagant lighting above your dining area and special feature cladding on singular surfaces that will impact the ambience in your kitchen. Remember also that home products by classic designers such as Dansk have been featured by museums in New York (MOMA) and Paris (Louvre) because they are among the best in the world, and take the opportunity to make them part of your own luxury kitchen.

Giving your home a luxurious feel means incorporating a bit of extravagance into every room. The kitchen is a great space to really make an impact, as you can incorporate many different textures, colors and lighting features for a truly opulent look and feel. Don’t hold back!


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