Unique Christmas Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

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When it comes to holiday shopping, there is always that one person who seems to have everything. These people, though we love them, can be a lot of work when it comes to shopping. Instead of stressing, consider some of the following options for unique, unforgettable gifts that will put a smile on the face of even the most hard to please.

Something Full Of Health And Happiness

Health care and beauty products are good gifts for the person with everything, especially if the item goes beyond the ordinary. Refinery29 magazine compiled a list of unconventional beauty products, citing the Nu Face facial toner as one of the products that actually works. The Nu Face promises to give you a facelift at home by sending mini pulses of electricity into the muscles of your face. If you don’t think that this particular product is your giftee’s cup of tea, try searching for other out-there beauty products. You’ll find that there are quite a few available, all of which can make for fun and novel gifts.

All Things Cutting Edge

A key to buying for the person that has it all is finding items that are brand new to the market. This way you can be assured that you are not getting your giftee a duplicate of a past gift. A good place to look for the most cutting edge ideas is Kickstarter. The idea of Kickstarter is to have a place where new ideas can find the funds to become reality. Most of the items that you find on Kickstarter are so new that they are still working around establishing a price point. This means that you can potentially get something that nobody has seen at a good price, while helping start an entrepreneur on their path to success.

Give A Gift Of Experience

The best gift that you can give a person is a memory that will last forever. This does not come in the form of a tangible object but as an experience, instead. The website Great American Days has a great list of experience gifts for men, women and couples. They include things like a hot air balloon ride, renting a Ferrari or hiring a personal chef. An experience gift is sure to earn you a heartfelt thank you and hours of stories as your loved one retells the tale over and over again.

From Your Own Hands

There is something therapeutic about making a present for a person. Compared to a few clicks on Amazon, the DIY present takes time and thought to create. No matter how much money you can afford, handmade presents deliver a message of caring that no other present can. The hard part is coming up with an idea. If you’re in need of some direction, World Vision offers a lot of good ideas for heartwarming DIY projects that make for beautiful gifts.

The Gift Of You

Another option for the person in your life that seems to have it all is to give your time and attention as a gift. If that person happens to be your significant other, a well-planned date should do the trick. You can create a clever coupon for a restaurant, dinner at home or a movie. Just make sure that you schedule it at the time that you give it. This makes the gift something tangible, for added charm.

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