Up and Coming Luxury Fashions of 2018

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With the closing of another year, 2018 brings with it bright new experiences and, more importantly, new fashions to explore. Discovering which era is back on trend, what colours will make you pop and what not to wear is an exciting part of any New Year.

So, what should you be on the lookout for fashion-wise in 2018?


This winter a lot of websites and retailers are including men’s fur jackets in their fashion lines, although they might not be a look for everyone, they will definitely catch the eye of some shoppers. A popular look to try would be the fur jacket with skinny jeans and worker boots, both the jacket and boots are defined and are a perfect look over Autumn/ Winter.

Fur jackets can be expensive but looking at the faux fur alternatives in retail stores they can be bought at affordable prices. Colours are an option too, lighter browns are available if you’re wanting it to be a statement piece or the darker colours for those who want it to have a more practical look.

The Turtleneck

Also, known as the roll neck, a thin fitted jumper is a popular choice for retailers as we enter 2018. Luxury materials are used to make some to increase the price but turtlenecks in general can be found reasonably priced. Autumn and winter colours are the ideal choice currently can show that any wearer is conscious of the time of year and what they choose to wear.

Turtlenecks offer extra definition to the face and chest with a fitted jumper purchased. Perfect for both daytime and evening a turtleneck is a suitable choice for everyone.

Padded Jackets

It’s always a blessing when fashionable garments also have a technical purpose, Padded Jackets are currently advertised everywhere in different shops. Padded jackets bulky look is a current trend but also has a use in the Autumn Winter to keep warm, which is always a bonus. Padded jackets come in all sizes and lengths, if you look for the more premium outdoor brands they will offer padded jackets that aren’t as bulk but offer the same warmth, this comes at a higher price point though. Currently in high fashion comfort-wear is a big trend in general and padded jackets have been seen on a lot of runways.


Continuing with the casualwear trend, tracksuits have always been around but they are making a big impact on the men’s streetwear clothing scene in 2018. Fitted joggers with matching t-shirts and hoodies will be a great addition to your wardrobe, they offer comfort but also a fashion statement that shows you haven’t just put anything on to be comfy.

Darker colours such as green, navy and black are all great options as they offer a subtlety to the look that doesn’t force the tracksuit to be a bold statement, and matching this with some trainers will emphasize the footwear.


Brands such as Carhartt and Dickies are being seen more and are both known to mix their workwear collections with the fashion wear. The workwear look is ideal this time of year leading into 2018, their boxy layered designs offer warmth and practicality and combined to offer a fashionable coming into 2018. Although these brands can be pricey there are other unbranded workwear designs that you can buy from retailers but they might be a tougher find.

The key is to look out for the bigger unfitted designed clothing and to pair it with other fashionable garments. Work boots are a timeless piece to go for that work every year and can really define an outfit in the evening or daytime.

And there you have it! Your 2018 of style is on the horizon and these will be some key pieces of your growing wardrobe. Don’t fall behind the fashion times, start stocking up now in time to be the belle of the ball this New Year.

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