Vancouver Luxury: A new elite firm provides personalized end to end luxury solutions

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Adam Becker

Mercer has released its list of the best and most livable cities in the world and only one North American city cracked the top 10. The crown jewel of Canada’s West Coast and was named the 5th most livable city in the World and Vancouver continues to maintain its standing as one of the premiere luxury destinations on the Continent.

Vancouver is one of those cosmopolitan centres that offers something for everyone. Stunning mountain vistas provide the backdrop to a bustling city that delivers the very best in culture, shopping, architecture, dining and entertainment. Vancouver’s locale also put is next to the country’s (if not the world’s) best winter sports and outdoor experiences cementing its position as one of the top livable cities in the world.

Millennials look to the West

Affluent millennials are real game changers for the luxury business. Brand reputation and status symbols are no longer factors in buying decision for this group as emotional responses drive where the dollars go. A place like Vancouver is the perfect setting for wealthy millennials looking to satisfy their souls whether through the city’s diverse cultural and natural experiences or the area’s massive outdoor playground.

Vancouver’s prominence in luxury circles has created a robust market for luxury residential properties and condominium apartments where wealthy adventurers can take up residence full time or acquire that showcase 2nd property to fully immerse themselves in the West Coast experience.

Wealthy millennials  who ‘are in touch with their souls’ have no problem expressing their feelings and thoughts and are interested in practical ways to execute and realize their ideas. When it comes to luxury real estate, millennials would appreciate a ‘turnkey’ design application that embraces and translates the owner’s’ individual style and signature.

Adam Becker

Millennials exploring a luxury real estate purchase in Vancouver expect practicality and efficiency in the transaction but do not want to sacrifice their own design wants for a quick cookie cutter type solution. Professionals that can deliver a practical turnkey home solutions that afford clients a wide degree of control and influence over design will resonate with newly minted early adopters.

Downsizing not downmarket

Baby boomers also have a deep connection to the Vancouver mystique and as the family flock goes their own way, boomers look to reduce costs by downsizing. Affluent baby boomers understand that downsizing does not mean downmarket and have prioritized luxury living when defining future living spaces.

Unlike their younger millennial counterparts, baby boomers appreciate a more catered approach to conveying their design wants and ideas. A design professional that takes the time to develope a relationship with the client will inspire more communication and freer exchange of ideas, resulting in a more honest interpretation of the owner’s’ style and signature.

Baby boomers find safety and confidence when fully informed on all aspects of any design project. Open lines of communication between the professional and client is the cornerstone to a successful undertaking.

Design driven and client focused

Vancouver’s international status means that the best of everything is readily available. Affluent millennials who are looking to put up stakes on the west coast or baby boomers who are interested in downsizing but not go downmarket should seek the design services of a firm that understands the marketplace and has the network to execute and realize ideas.

Attributes such as a strong design network, practical turnkey delivery and deep rooted passion and commitment to client needs are the hallmarks of Vancouver based Bespoke Luxury Concierge, a full service consultancy that specializes in luxury residential design deployment and day to day operations management.

CEO and founder of Bespoke Luxury Concierge, Kathleen Shanahan is passionate about her business and builds every solution around the needs of the individual client. Her unique approach of offering full consultative input and affording clients control of their own projects ensures that solutions fulfill intended the design goal and successfully translate the style and signature of the owner(s).

Bespoke Luxury Concierge’s intended mission is to make complex lifestyles simpler by handling logistical details that consume valuable time. The firm can deliver turnkey luxury homes to clients who demand the very best but cannot invest the time necessary to make minute design and transactional decisions.

Kathleen sums up Bespoke Luxury Concierge’s strategy:

“Whether you are a millennial looking for trophy real estate, an empty nester looking to ‘downsize’ from a large single-family home, or just an affluent individual with little appetite for refurbishment or ‘a project’ and are willing to pay a premium for a top-of-the-line accoutrements that amplify a luxury lifestyle. Let us design your luxury home to fit your lifestyle.“ Kathleen Shanahan – CEO and Founder of Bespoke Luxury Concierge

A strong network delivers desired results

Kathleen has assembled the top designers and contractors in Vancouver to ensure that visions are realized and solutions executed seamlessly. The end result for clients is a positive emotional connection to the process that ramps up to the big reveal.

Designers such as Adam Becker and Tamara Wouters add a large degree of exclusivity and emotional response to client solutions. Realizing and acquiring that trophy showhome is now attainable through the company’s extensive array of design resources and logistical support.

Tamara Wouters

Kathleen herself oversees each solution ensuring all elements and components come together as planned. Bespoke Luxury Concierge’s commitment to their client’s needs and wants earns the firm the distinction of being Vancouver’s premier elite luxury concierge and management agency.

Vancouver at its most opulent

Vancouver represents the pinnacle of luxury in Western Canada. Its expansive landscape and international dominance as one of the most livable cities makes it the perfect North American locale for affluent jet setters.

Time constraints and obligations may not let many affluent property owners realize their design dreams and goals. An elite firm like Bespoke Luxury Concierge has the network and resources to deliver turnkey solutions to wealthy individuals who want bespoke and unique designs as well as management and upkeep services for their property.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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