Why Every Luxury Home Needs Automation

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More people are wanting to increase the efficiency of their home and create a space that is easy to manage. Home automation is increasing in popularity for its effectiveness with controlling each part of the property. To learn why every home needs automation, there are a few important facts to understand.

Secure the Property and Your Investment

60 percent of burglars, avoid homes that have automated systems installed due to the amount of risk that’s involved. Home automation makes it easy to protect your property from getting hacked with the technology that is used. A professional can install the system to prevent it from getting hacked by an outsider to ensure that your personal information is secure and that your privacy is protected. This will prevent anyone from having access to your surveillance cameras or the home’s locks if they want to attempt a break-in, according to home.leviton.com.

Many people can’t remember if they turned on a light or locked the door after leaving home each day, which is how a home automation system can come in use. The technology allows you, to control each part of your home remotely to easily avoid a tragedy or an accident from occurring while you’re away. Most burglars can enter and exit a home in an average of 10 minutes, making it important to utilize a system that can allow you to call the authorities once a sensor detects that someone is on the property.

Reduce Energy Usage

Although utilizing home automation can be an investment, the cost of the technology can pay off due to the amount of money that you save on your energy usage throughout the year. Smart thermostats can save an average of $135 annually. You can easily shut off your air conditioner if you accidentally leave it on while you’re on vacation. You may have also left a few lights, which can increase your electric bill. Installing a home automation system will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that you can save money when certain items are not in use.

Added Convenience

All of the locks, lights, and surveillance cameras in the home can be monitored efficiently with a single product. With home automation, you can enjoy the simplicity of monitoring your property with devices that are connected with a single product that is used. This will allow you to monitor your home’s air quality, adjust the audio in a home theater, and turn off lights in rooms that are not used with a touch of a button. You can also adjust the thermostat, turn the sprinklers off, and monitor the load of laundry that’s in the washing machine without having to travel to different rooms of the home or even be on the property.

Added Comfort in the Home

Your home will be more comfortable  after a home automation system is installed. This will allow you to adjust the thermostat while you’re away at work to ensure that you can walk into a cool home if you’re in the middle of a heat wave. Similarly, you can turn up the heat before arriving home from vacation in the middle of winter to keep the chill away.

Peace of Mind for Residents

Home automation systems allow homeowners to have peace of mind when it comes to monitoring their property on a continuous basis. You won’t have to wonder if you forgot to turn off the thermostat or if your kids left their bedroom lights on when you leave for a week-long vacation. By having access to every part of the home with one device, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will be better utilized and can remain secure when you’re at work or are thousands of miles away.

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